Monday, January 30, 2012

4 New & Fun Things to Try This Week!

1. Sparkle Vase
Tip a packet of plastic sequins into a vase. Fill with water - which will 
inevitable allow some to float, some to sink. Finish with a bright or light
colored flower. Place in sunlight so that the sequins reflect light
all over the room during the day!

For Dubai (or not). Try this cute bakery in the Green Community called Sunflower Bakery.
Opened by a German expat and full of homemade goodies, treat yourself to some soft
and comforting Traditional German Black Bread (AED 22) - full of fibre,
 or a Fresh Sea Salted Pretzel (AED 6). 
If you're looking out for a healthier option, try the Organic Fitness Bread (AED 20)
made from rye sourdough, pumpkin seeds, and linseed
Location: Green Community Shopping Centre (04 - 8853533)
+ For a minimum order of  AED 100 & 24 hours notice, get it delivered to your doorstep!

3. Take a Yoga Class
With it's increasing popularity there are so many options
Yoga outdoors, Yoga for beginners, Yoga for mother & child. 
Explore your local options and treat yourself & your body to a healthy
mind relaxing activity.

4. Cuddle up and watch an old classic - in Black & White!
Try 'A Roman Holiday' for a fun romantic-comedy like movie.

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