Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 Things to Know This PM

A mother's love is important and good for the child's brain
Read more here : ScienceDaily

Do not use one eyeshadow shade on your lid, and most
definitely not all the way to your brow. There are loads 
of youtube beauty gurus that teach you how to shade, and 
contour! Check them out

Physical activity yields excitement and happiness in you.
Read more great info here: ScienceDaily

Planning a summer vacation? Check out Daily Candy's 
favorite picks here: Warm-weather vacay spots

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Weekend!

See you back on Sunday!

- x

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Quick Tip: Utter Clutter No More!

What you need to get rid of:

It doesn't fit/too tight/too short/too small
Clothes that you say 'you will fit into' (again) one day/soon:

Hopefully you'll soon reach your health goals, and fit into 
that favorite blouse of pair of pants sooner than later. However,
when that happens you will most probably want to update your
wardrobe anyways so don't waste time and space keeping those
There are people out there that are 'dying' for clothes and
would be better off right now with those. Plus once you reach your
health goal, spending a couple $ on just a few clothing items can 
be the way you reward/treat yourself!

Feeling guilty because someone gave you something.
Well it's no use if you're not using it, or if you have something like it
already. Go an exchange it for something you will use, or give it away
to someone else. If you want, and if it's new, sell it. Make some space.
Your only responsibility is to thank the person for the gift. 

to those emails that you never read anyways
You click delete, you barely ever open them. At one point you thought
it would be interesting to get those emails and keep up with them, but 
you're surviving without them, they are obviously not making a significant
difference in your life, andso you can just "unsubscribe!"  

Un-clutter your life!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time Friendly Exercise Routine

Fitting in a workout everyday, or just on a weekday, can be a challenge
Here's an exercise that can be done anywhere in your home. All you need
is a bit of space and about 20 minutes. If you only have 10, only do 10
minutes worth. It's better than not doing anything!

Pin It 60 seconds: Jumping jacks
60 Seconds: Lunges (alternating legs)
60 seconds: Squats
60 seconds: Sit ups
60 seconds: Bicycle kicks
60 seconds Plank
45 seconds: Push-ups
60 seconds: Calf raise
60 seconds: Thigh raises/leg lifts
30 seconds: Stretch/yoga pose

Take a 1 minute break and repeat

Quote of the week

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Tumblr Tuesday

Monday, February 20, 2012

Courtney Cox's Humble Private Malibu Home

Courtney Cox's private Malibu retreat is all about being with family, friends, and bringing
the outdoors in. Earthy tones, modern decor, a calm palette encompass the beautiful home.
Elle Decor takes us inside:

Gadget Girl

I'm excited to introduce this new series called Gadget Girl
that will feature fun new gadgets that every LVP girl needs!
They're fun, practical, & genius! Have fun looking through!


- Separate your cords that are always getting jumbled up with this cute and practical accessory.

- Rechargeable batteries are the way to go. Recharge at a USB port. No more carrying around a million batteries or huge rechargers with 3 different wires. A great green solution too!

- No more looking in the drawer for the right spoon and no more switching between 100 spoons while cooking, with this click 'n go spoon set!

- Check out this cute fun new lunch box. Your kid would be the coolest one on the table. I would so own this as an adult as well, I just wouldn't take it out in public (work/school). But that's a personal choice!

- Fun new stamps you have to have!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff - nyfw

We watched the Rebecca Minkoff show live on last nyfw
and we're bringing you the pictures from this nyfw as well. She's one
of my favorite designers, and I guess it's kind of a tradition now!

Keep up with our facebook page for albums on LVP's favorite looks
from NYFW Fall 2012

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