Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Minute Cupid

So it's pretty much Valentine's day already on this side
of the planet, and just a couple hours away for the rest 
of you! Hopefully you guys aren't in this situation with 
your loved one, but anything could've happened to set
you back a little and you still need last minute gift ideas
for you Valentine! Maybe cupid struck either of you a
little too late and you need a gift asap!

Well here are some fun, easy, and some DIY, ideas for
you! Also check out the this post here for great ideas!

Magnolia bakery has great  shaped whoopie pies that
are delicious and in spirit of today's day! Pick em up for your
valentine! (Magnolias, Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall) USA
Magnolia branches most probably have 'em too!

Plan a picnic for two. Share some casual, easy, and quality time 
with your special someone by taking your favorite food and enjoying
the outdoors together. Cuddle up and watch the stars after, or even
take a board game to enjoy! Don't forget to pack dessert!
(Of course this applies to the people in bearable climates! ;) )

Or stay indoors, and set up a candle lit dinner for two. Whether you 
cook your favorite meal together, or just have time for take out, create
a cute and easy, but impressive table setting and enjoy!
Tips: Fill different sized glasses with chocolate, flowers, candies, 
candles for a quick hassle free decor idea. Use a festive table cover to
add to the spirit and feel!

If you're staying in and not making a big deal out of the day, just
stay in and have a movie marathon, or a marathon of your favorite series. 
Make some fun popcorn to enjoy!
Tips: Melt some white chocolate or caramel and mix with your popcorn
and toss in a little bit of confetti sprinkles for a festive feel (heart shaped
sprinkles, red and white sprinkles, anything!)

Get to your guy's office (or any space he'll see) and 
make a heart out of pink post it notes. Add to it
by writing a reason why you love him/want him to be
your valentine on each post it! So simple but so meaningful!

According to Forbes, even though Red roses are cliché and expected
they are still highly valued and make up most of Vday's flower business. 
They still hold up a large sentimental value and say I love you. So why not?!
Also, if you're just keeping it relaxed, just get some flowers for your home.
Make your home smell good, and just feel the vday spirit!

Of course a unique and personalized bouquet is even better! So if you're up to that, 
check this out: click here

Here in Dubai, I saw that Spinney's has boxes of heart-shaped candy
as will any of the stores around you, where ever you live. So why not pick
up a small box or a nice big one from your local chocolatier for a special
friend or your valentine!

Get him a funny pair of boxers! It's a fun last minute gift, and
will be something to laugh over and probably very unexpected!
And then maybe also get him something nice, like chocolates
or flower, because chances are he got you a cute, more
real/expected gift.

Another fun way to celebrate the spirit in not-so-hyped-up
way is to enjoy cute little elements just because. Like having
pink lemonade topped with some berries, or rasberry/stawberry/cranberry
juice for the heck of it, because it's pink/red in color!

LC shared this idea on her website, which I adore and love.
"Darling your my dynamite!"
1) Wrap Rolos or any round/cylinder shaped candy bar
in red paper (hey, you could wrap a couple of his favorites
even if they're not round and package them in a bottle or just
make it look cylindrical).

2) Add black string or ribbon and a hand written note, and voila!

Most of all just enjoy the day, and I hope I could give you some 
last minute gift ideas!

♥ Ferwa

All photos via Pinterest, and heart shaped
box via here, boxers via here

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