Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming later this month: "Deep summer is when..."

Starting to plan a summer vacation? LVP will be uploading 
a list of some of the best places to visit this summer, later this

& find out the rest of that quote from the title..

Stay tuned!!!

Quote by Sam Keen
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From Factory to Villa

Spanish decorator Isabel Lopez-Quesada transforms a wax factory in Madrid
into a her humble abode. With a mix of modern and early french interiors the 
space now fits into the tree-shaded, clean-lined houses, neighborhood that was
established in the early 1930's.

Even though the 5900 sq. foot space was a full functioning factory 
when she located it, she saw the potential in the L shaped structure to be
the new residence for herself,  her husband and three children. 

The courtyard was a perfect backyard and relaxation
space, while the living quarters, separate from the main structure,
for the workers, made a perfect home-based office and studio space
for the working mother.

Text adapted from AD as well

Monday, April 23, 2012

Introducing the MAN.ual

So you ladies have got lace, vanilla, & poise as your
manual (well at least that's what we're trying to
compile here!). And for the man in your life, they
now have the MAN.ual

With posts on relationships, lifestyle, finance basics' advice
and more. This website seems to be the LVP of male blogs! ;)

The ultimate manual to be a better man, & to the basics of life!

So let your men know and enjoy this great new addition to the blogging world!

Photo via Pinterest & the MAN.ual

Gadget Girl 2

a / b / c / d / e

a - Love this! Makes using tools much more fun! Adorned hammers to screw drivers, definitley a girl's gadget

b -These funky plungers attach to the back of your iPhone (through suction) and make for a great stand for your phone on your desk. Small & portable. Much easier than a whole stand that takes up way too much space

c - Hand crafted Paper Maché bowl with gold leaf interior. This beautiful bowl is a must-have decor item for any and every house, regardless of any color scheme/palette. After all, a little gold didn't hurt anyone!

d - Infusing water with lemon has it's own benefits, and of course other fruits too, but even more than that, infusing your water with flavorful fruits changes things up a bit and motivates you to drink more water, & this is the jug you need for that!

e - Is your Mac charger always getting tangled up, or is a hassle to carry around? Well this little 'caddie' helps keep everything under control. Find out more here

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chocolate Covered Orangettes (Orange Peels)

Whether you're having guest over for dinner, or enjoying a meal at home, 
these orangettes are a great, refreshing way to end a meal. If you're entertaining
your guests can leave with something great to remember your party with,
by packaging them into small favor bags. 

The recipe from the images below has been adapted by Smitten Kitchen
from the well known l'Orange Bleu restaurant in NYC (link at the end) 


Chocolate and orange have long been
regarded great pairing when it comes to sweets. This recipe allows everyone 
to enjoy the rich and refreshing tastes in small bite size amounts.

You have to use dark chocolate to get this recipe right. All the flavors balance out perfectly

The recipe can be found here

Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Just Go Walking in the Rain : Seasonal Picks

Aubin & Wills
Emley Hooded Coated Cotton-blend Poncho ($175)

Top Shop
Airtex Shiny Plastic Mac ($90) in Black

 Free People
Hooded Waterproof Lace Raincoat ($88) in Ivory

Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan
Rain Jacket ($69) in Red

Vine Camuto
Anorak with Drawstring ($138) in Olive
All photos from respectively mentioned websites and WhoWhatWear

All photos via respective websites and WhoWhatWear

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt has gotten a lot of attention and hype recently, and rightly so.
This thicker and creamier version of regular yogurt has health benefits that'll
make you want to add it to your weekly grocery list!

- Lower in Calories
- Twice the protein (from reg. yogurt)
- Almost 0% cholesterol
- Low in Sodium
- Often high in Potassium
- Naturally less sugar

- The thickness, and more protein, means that it keeps you fuller longer
(most of the whey & water are drained out in the manufacturing process)
- Less sugar, about half the amount of reg. yogurt. But avoid the ones mixed
with fruit, because those typically add sugar content!
Tip: Add a tablespoon of honey for flavor/sweetness

Opinionated benefits: creamier, thicker, tangier taste

Disadvantage: because the whey is drained out, so is some of the calcium
content. Therefore this is important if yogurt is your primary source of
calcium in your daily diet.

But as always, in true LVP style, life is balance, and if your body allows it 
(you're not lactose intolerant) then you have milk and other sources of calcium
in your daily diet. But if you don't want to completely switch over to greek yogurt, 
well then you still have both the regular and greek yogurts in your diet, so then
you're balanced out!

Photos: 1, 2, 3

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Benefit Middle East Launches: Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW!

A couple weeks ago I was invited to an event from one of my all time
favorite make up brands, Benefit (Middle East), to their launch of the
Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation!

Although unfortunately I couldn't make it, I still got all the scoop for you guys and all the details
about this new product!

So as its name sake, this product was built for flawless looking skin. Why?
Well let's begin with the biggest feature of it's amazing formula. The Hydrating
Complex instantly hydrates your skin leaving it looking luminous and radiant!

Additionally, it has a natural finish that will leave your skin looking flawless
without you having to put layers of 'cakey' looking foundation on your skin,
and it's available in 9 shades, catering to all skin types!

Unlike other foundations, Benefit's Hello Flawless leaves a great luminous effect,
but yet it's oil free (oh and fragrance free), so it it's great for all skin-types
(hydrating for dry, oil-free for oily)

Exclusive features include:
- helps to boost cellular respiration for a 'plumping up' effect on skin
-  helps to protect against environmental stresses
- contains vitamin C & E derivatives known to prevent signs of aging

& it prevents sun damage with broad spectrum SPF PA+++

Oh and then to top it all off, the packaging as some great features too;

- the 30ml bottle gives you up to 3-4 months usage
- secure cap ensure no leakage
- airless pump protects the sensitive formula & ingredients
- airless pump also provides hygienic benefits, and
- the pump dispenses just the perfect amount every time!

The product is now available at all Faces and Sephora stores within the GCC & selected Areej and Debenhams stores in the UAE

It is priced at AED 165 or 12.50 KD, or alternatively at approx. $41

Here are some of the pictures from the event:
The gravity defying foundation was launched in galactic style, naturally...

Guests enjoy the thematic event...

Like 'Benefit Cosmetics Middle East' on Facebook, and follow @BenefitBeautyME on twitter!

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post
All photos and product information provided via Benefit Cosmetics ME
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