Monday, April 23, 2012

Gadget Girl 2

a / b / c / d / e

a - Love this! Makes using tools much more fun! Adorned hammers to screw drivers, definitley a girl's gadget

b -These funky plungers attach to the back of your iPhone (through suction) and make for a great stand for your phone on your desk. Small & portable. Much easier than a whole stand that takes up way too much space

c - Hand crafted Paper Maché bowl with gold leaf interior. This beautiful bowl is a must-have decor item for any and every house, regardless of any color scheme/palette. After all, a little gold didn't hurt anyone!

d - Infusing water with lemon has it's own benefits, and of course other fruits too, but even more than that, infusing your water with flavorful fruits changes things up a bit and motivates you to drink more water, & this is the jug you need for that!

e - Is your Mac charger always getting tangled up, or is a hassle to carry around? Well this little 'caddie' helps keep everything under control. Find out more here

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