Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dalia Dogmoch's Cookbook: "Food, Love, and Life"

Last week saw the release of the much awaited cook book: "Food Love and Life" by Dalia Dogmoch, infamously known for her very own Kitsch Cupcakes and the widely read food blog: D's Kitchen.

The perfect blend of east meets west recipes, the recipe book is definitely one to keep on the kitchen shelf.

The opening and book signing, held at Bloomingdales Home at the Dubai Mall allowed fans and guests to enjoy a live cooking demonstration by Dalia herself followed by the chance to get the first few copies of the book signed by Dalia herself, in addition to enjoying bite sized foods, drinks, and taking lots of photos. I unfortunately just made it to the last half an hour of the even as I had just landed in Dubai a couple hours prior to the event. Nonetheless I made it! I had to! How could I not?

All excited, once I got home, I spent at least half an hour easily going through the book, getting even more excited thinking about trying the recipes. Although I haven't gotten down to that just yet I know I will be very soon. More so when I'm back in NYC in my own kitchen.

The book is perfectly composed with Dalia's scrumptious recipes, and Sukaina (of Sips and Spoonfuls) amazing food photography. Dalia's love for food and family are evident throughout the book.

The book contains not only great recipes and photography, but also everything a good cookbook should have. It's conveniently got measurement conversions, tips on ingredients, fruits and vegetables, and goes beyond by lending you great entertaining tips.

Now I can't reveal everything. These are just sneak peaks. Get your hands on the book to get a hold of all this useful info!! Trust me it's a good idea

The book contains a great variety of ... basically everything. Breakfast to snacks, to lunches and dinners, to dressings, sauces, desserts, and more!

Can't wait to try these recipes (as if I haven't said that enough times). And I will definitely be posting what I make..hopefully if I don't burn anything ;)

Head over to MastermindPR's facebook page and/or website to see the video from the book signing and launch event

Photos by me, please credit if used.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 Office Spaces I'm Loving Right Now

Office spaces can often be dull and boring. Not motivating for sure. Some of them can even put you right back to sleep with their dreary set ups on that Sunday/Monday (depending where you live) morning when all you're doing is trying to stay awake - post-weekend!

That's why when I spot a couple of great office interiors, I appreciate them wholly and when I found these five, I couldn't help but share them with you. I hope they're inspiring to you, and in general just a joy to look at!

1. The Office of Corinne Grassini, Founder + Designer of Society For Rational Dress
I love this interior because it's hosts a great balance of comfort and a work-like-environment. The last thing you want is an office so comfy all you want to do is lounge around I love how this space is modern, yet it has rustic elements such as the exposed brick wall and idustrial looking but still cozy dest. The warm colours, the dimmed lighting make for a cozy interior, while the simplicity and space allows room for work and space for inspiration.
(image via)

2. This interior, photographed by David Prince, again hosts a great balance of cozy and a work friendly environment. The high ceiling and the draped curtains make for a cozy feel. The frames, decor, and shelves create a pleasing set up while the desk and chair appropriately lend themselves as a great place to sit and work. And can we talk about the monochromatic theme? Black + White + Gold. I love! Done ever so perfectly.
(image via)

3. The Office/Studio of Dallas Shaw of Dallas Shaw
Dallas' artistic eye and love for soft water colours can be seen in her studio's interiors. With a chic and crisp feel, this office's minimalism makes for a great studio perfect for inspiration, work, and comfort. The plain white furniture is balanced by, and accentuates, the pastel and metallic decor elements featured around the studio. Her soft rug adds a touch of extra coziness and comfort.
(image via)

4. Nina's Office,
This office unexpectedly takes the risk of using black as a wall colour. It creates a great backdrop for any sort of inspiration you might want to hang up there. Balanced right with white furniture and monochromatic accents. I love the copper hangers, which not only balance out the colour palette, but is a greate and unique way of hanging magazines that double up as wall art too!
(image via)

5. This pied-a-terre in Toulouse, France is a great example of a home office space. The use of carpet and material create coziness, while the minimalistic and contemporary style create balance and, again, make for a great work friendly set up. (My eye is on that green book. I love monochromatic with a pop of green!) the decor, arm chair, and accents all together create the perfect balance of rustic, modern, vintage, and stylish
(image via)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Alberto Moretti 24-Carat Gold Shoes

Just when you thought Dubai couldn't surprise you anymore, after a Lamborghini police car, the tallest tower in the world, the most expensive phone, etc. etc. This week Dubai saw the release of...


Level Shoe District announces the Middle East exclusivity of the highly anticipated Alberto Moretti 24-carat gold velvet shoes.

The high-heeled pump for women and a loafer for men, both made of velvet covered in 24-carat gold, will be exclusively distributed in only the top five department stores in the World.

The unique shoes were presented for the first time during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and Alberto Moretti’s autumn/winter 2013 collection which introduced his focus on the precious metal this year.  Made in collaboration with HORO, the brand said the style has been kept simple as the gold speaks for itself as a luxury product.

text and image provided by Level Shoe District 
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