Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!
Happy Halloween Planning!

- X

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Style Radar: Jewel Tones

One of my favorite things about (this) fall is jewel tones!
The bright, punchy colors are so much fun, but have a more sophisticated and almost 'warm' edge in comparison to summer bright hues

Here are some of my faves this season:

(click image to enlarge)

From top-left onwards:

Equipment blouses: The place for your perfect blouse. Love these bright ones. The sheer one is quite nice but please please please do wear a tank top underneath! The whole sheer top, or bright bra look, is so tacky! please don't. Keep your self respect. Even if you don't care about that...Wear something!

How amazing is this miu miu phone case? So gorgeous (Love the navy-gold combo)
 and so versatile, perfect for fall and winter

Roberto Cavalli Sweater: with embellished shoulders! via net-a-porter. 
Love all of it!

Yves Saint Laurent berry colored scarf. via net-a-porter. Love this color, and can add 
instant 'pop' to any outfit. Perfect for keeping you warm or even just because!

Charm & Chain green onyx ring by Kendra Scott. 
Brighten up any outfit with this jewel!

Lauren Elan sunshine necklace. Full of bright beads and satin. 
A great chunky necklace for over a turtle neck, sweater, or blouse.

J.W.Anderson Sweater in orange, via net-a-porter. 
I would say, an orange sweater is a staple this season

Brian Atwood Pumps in (marcella) electric purple, complete with gold heels! 
What's not to like about the color and shape? 
(we're not so sure how we feel about the 'real snake skin' though)

A.P.C. textured leather shoulder bag via net-a-porter. Nothing like a classic leather shoulder bag. Accessories other bright elements of your outfit with a neutral black hand bag.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NYC: Pommes Frites

As some of you might have figured, this place has to do with fries! (yumm!)

However, these aren't just any fries, they are THE fries to have. Located in Manhattan's East Village (can also be called NoHo) this place is great for a meal, snack, or just because.

The place serves authentic, indulgent worthy, Belgian fries. And apparently the secret to these goodies are, that they're fried twice. Using fresh potatoes these frites are fried once to be cooked thoroughly and twice for the golden crispy crust!

Photo via

Did You Know: In many places in Europe (if not all), fries eaten with ketchup can be considered as an insult to the chef, as if the fries weren't good enough. Europeans have indulged in fries, or frites, for many years in all kinds of sauces and dips.

Where you enter, and where you place your order - Of course they have different sizes and a whole menu to choose from (note: The sign outside that reads home made sauces)

And Pommes Frites brings you just that. With an endless list of sauces and dips, for the likes of all, from normal to fancy-shmancy, there's something for everyone, and so many you'll want to try, you'll just have to come back for more. (and they do serve ketchup as well, keeping the American customer in mind!)

One of the things I loved about the tables - the holes made especially for you to keep your fries! Unique, thoughtful and convenient.

The customer service is very friendly and almost family like.  The price is very affordable with prices starting at just $4.50 and each sauce at only $1 each. And personally, the taste and value of the whole experience definitely overweighs the price! {I'm very picky about dirty restaurants}

The sauces are also convinently listed in a chart with all sorts of categories; spicy, nuts, vegan, etc, etc. To make it much easier for those with dietary limits and/or allergies!

The Pommes Frites policy is that all customers can and are welcome to sample their fries and sauces before finalizing their order. How nice!

The place is warm, cozy and casual. With wooden interiors, and the back wall lined up with bags of fresh potatoes (held back by wooden planks - see image below) the authentic feel of the place echoes the authenticity of the food and taste.

Photo via

123 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003

Tel: 212 - 675 - 1234

Sunday - Thursday: 11:30am to 1:00am
Friday - Saturday 11:30 - 3:30 am


I highly recommend a visit at the least

Enjoy! And feel free to send over your experience at the place to!

Tumblr Tuesday

King of classy chic & timeless fashion!


S'mores in a jar!

One of many dream kitchens! Love the mint green color scheme and the white shell chandelier!

Perfect Skirt (via Christian Siriano) - Looking forward to SS12!

- All photos from tumblr

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Emirates Woman

Happy 30th Birthday Emirates Woman!!

(the October issue)

This October marks the 30th Birthday for Emirates Woman. Over the past 30 decades, this magazine has come a long long way, and I can reassure you of that because I had the honor of working there (in the art department) for a month this June.

This is a screenshot of one of the pages in the October issue: Annah, the fashion and beauty assistant (an amazing, amazing person!) and I, scanned all of the covers of the EW mags from the archives! One long but interesting process!
I also edited a lot of the wear and tear marks on the mags (they are about 30 years old!)

Working directly with the Art director and every member of the EW team, I had the best time and learnt so much in the process. I realized how much work goes into publishing just one issue.

Not to mention all the perks of working for a fashion and lifestyle magazine: first looks and previews into the coming season's hottest looks (the clothes and accessories from designers that are brought in to be shot in the studio), all the latest news and global reports, peek into the region's best wedding tips and pictures (via Emirates Bride), as well as all the amazing content that is going to be published in the upcoming issue. 

Each and every member of the EW team is talented, committed, so good at what they do, and friendly. I felt like I knew some of them for years, when I had only met them when I had joined.

The amazing team I got to work with!
(pictured at the 30th birthday celebrations)

Even Sophia, the editor, who was busy with meetings, and all sorts that EIC's are busy with all the time, and between all the great work she does, she found time to work with me for some time, which I was so grateful for. (She is absolutely fab!)

Here are pictures of 'me' in the magazine:



I partially designed the layout of this page.

Also, if you've noticed they have started to give the magazine layouts a great new look, which I absolutely love. Pick up the latest issue (their birthday issue!) to check it out, and if you don't already, start reading EW. They go beyond fashion; they feature global reports of women all around the world, some 'reality check' features, they showcase the local talents of successful women in Dubai, feature travel articles about the greatest places around the world, most of which a member of the EW team travels to, and so much more!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Interiors

This weekend I'm leaving you with some great ideas to help you get planning and inspired for decorating your home for the next week. Halloween can be one of the most exciting holidays to decorate for.

Here are some great examples of how the decor can be a part of your everyday furniture and décor regardless of whether your having a party or not.

Sticking spiders around everyday object is an easy but effect-ful way to add a spooky feeling to your house

Embellish your front yard with cutout cardboard grave headstones and add some dead/fall leaves and maybe even lights to add the extra effect! (Bonus: If you're in Dubai, or any other warmer climate city, the rain will not destroy this!)

Emily of cupcakes and cashmere adds subtly yet significant elements to her house like this crow that peeks out of her bookshelf 

One reader cut a pumpkin in half, added a cloth and some chocolate to her everyday coffee table. This is a great idea for all of fall, not just Halloween!


Decorating pumpkins is great for all of this season, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

Stenciling through a doily with paint is a perfect, quick-and-easy DIY idea

Pinning a decorations (with pins/nail heads) is another great idea for a something different yet in tune with the season's celebrations

Not so much of a spooky, eerie person, but still want to capture the season's black, orange, and fall theme? Try this dainty idea of wrapping your pumpkin with lace. Tip: Pull a lace stocking over your pumpkin - no sticking, no tying, no mess. Easy!

Again, there are so many ways to brighten up your fall/halloween décor just as Martha Stewart shows us with covering these pumpkins is seasonal colored glitter!

Emily of cupcakes and cashmere spray painted her pumpkins gold and added them around the house to rev up her daily decor to fit the season

And last but not least, silhouettes are great all around the house! 

Try adding black paper cutouts of rats and mice around the house, in between bookshelves, on the stairs, behind candles, even in the kitchen?!

Adding silhouettes of skeletons and others to your living room window and leaving the lights on and curtains closed at night will give neighbors & passers by a bit of a spook!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favourite Fragrances for Fall 2011

click the image to enlarge!

Ever have a hard time picking out the right fragrance? No problem! LVP's guide to some of the best fragrances for Fall 2011 is right here in your hand and is going to make your life just that much easier!

Perfumes are a necessity of course, but also work great as gifts (especially when you have absolutely no idea what to give that special someone)

Not a fan of very sweet, nor very spice & overpowering fragrances, this set is just perfect - but also keeping in mind the season, this lot mostly consists of more spicy-ish scents rather than the summer florals. Enjoy!

(From the top right)
1. Elie Saab Parfum
2. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
3. Alien by Thierry Mugler

4. Rock & Rose Pret-a-Porter by Valentino
5. Diane by DVF
6. Idylle by Guerlain
7. Body by Burberry

8. Chloé Parfum
9. Especially Escada by Escada
10. Miss Dior Chérie - Christian Dior

11. Gold by Kim Kardashian
12. Very Hollywood by Michael Kors

All fragrances are available at Sephora & Areej
For our USA readers: Sephora and any dept. store
Europe readers: Sephora of course!
Australian readers: David Jones and Myer dept. stores 
should have at least most of these!

All images via Pinterest and

Tumblr Tuesday

I would Love a slice of that!

Mmm... (en route to a great meal)

Love the scarf, love the combo


Love the look
Best Dessert Platter!?!

Not a big fan of the dress (or the necklace) but I'm liking the color comb


Love! Love! Love!

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies! <3
I bet the whole look isn't that great but loving the artsy side of this picture (and the blouse)

Non-Alcoholic Tiramasu Shots! Delish!

All photos via tumblr
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