Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the 10 Commandments for Youthful Looking Skin - Part 2

Here's part 2 of the 10 commandments for youthful skin via SELF.com

Read part 1 here

Don't neglect skin below the neck: Brown spots on the chest and on the backs of hands are red flags of aging just as much as when they appear on the face. Fade them away with creams with niacinamide, and vitamin C and/or treat yourself to an IPL (intense pulsed light)/laser treatment which gets rid of such pigmentation.

Though age and sun damage can cause skin to lose elasticity over time, fighting back is getting easier: Recent research shows that maintaining a healthy, moisturized epidermis will help prevent the breakdown of the skin's collagen and elastin infrastructure. Also, look for creams containing barrier-strengthening elements. RE9 Firming Body Cream is pretty well known and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe recommends the lavish Acrona 'Instant Magic' Reversal Serum

The best way to banish wrinkles before they begin is to develop good habits, such as vetoing sunbathing and cigarettes, which trigger free radicals that damage DNA in cells Regular application of creams that have niancinamide head to toe will also help thicken skin and boost collagen synthesis, and keep skin hydrated. Thirsty skin means fine lines will be more apparent. 

Glowing skin can make you feel better and define your body in a way that you look skinner too! But we all know we want to avoid the harmful rays so self tanners that react with your outer layer of skin cells and turn them brown. A daily lotion with a low does of DHA (responsible for the reaction) will allow a gradual and subtle glow to appear. My personal favorite is the Jergens' natural Glow. Available for light to medium and medium to tan skin tones. In just three days you really see a natural looking and gradual even tan on your skin.

Protect your skin for a beautiful future. A full-on solar defense starts with broad-spectrum sunscreen that guards against both UVB and UVA rays by using a mix of physical blockers and chemical blockers. Make sunscreen the first step in your regimen: applying it to bare skin, therefore binding it to cells, boosting its efficiency.

This ELLE approved Neutrogena sunscreen is great (Elle recently had a huge feature in it's july/august issue about the sun and protection from its harmful rays. LVP will be summarizing that for you very soon!). And if you've read my previous posts, Neutrogena is a personal favorite as it's dermatologist recommended and is trustworthy as all the products of theirs that I have used, I have been happy with!

Text adapted from SELF.com
Photos via Pinterest.com

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