Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{LVP Covers} When I met Kim Kardashian in Dubai

This was one Kardashian filled weekend. On Thursday I was constantly keeping myself updated through twitter on Kris and Kim's Press Conference at the Asateer Tent (pictures below).


On Friday, I headed to The Dubai Mall to try and catch a glimpse of the reality star as she would enter Millions of Milkshakes to introduce her, and her mother's, signature shakes to an invite only audience.  I didn't manage to see them regardless of the fact that I was so close. Reason being, with a rather large person in front of me and crazy adolescent boys and girls trying to push the security guards away there was no way to see the star nor her mother. So I then escaped the crazy crowd and headed to the Fashion Avenue at the Mall where Kim and her 'momager' Kris were meant to appear. 

I went straight to the 1st floor assuming the ground floor would be full of VIP chairs and crowded fans. I got a perfect view from the top, plus it gave Kim the perfect angle to spot me waving at her while no one else was, at one point when Kris was talking, and so I got a wave back from her!!

Kim on the Runway just before the interview
above photo by Deena H.

Kim & Kris' interview with Bazaar Arabia's EIC Louise
above photo by LVP

Her interview that night with the EIC of Harper's Bazaar Arabia consisted of similar information that you've probably read up from her press conference. She mentions how much she was in awe over dubai, loved it, the places she had been (Nobu, The gold souk), how they would love to open up a DASH store here, and bring her family, as well as how inspired each of them, which of course the answer was 'my mom and my fans' and 'my children'. Kim also mentioned that the best advice she could give to young entrepreneurs was to like what you do and work hard, and life is not as glamourous and easy going as it seems on their show.

Kim and Kris donned beautiful Jalabiyas (Arabic Dresses) 
just before they experience their first camel ride

While Kim was busy in Dubai, hubby Kris Humphries spent quality time
with nephew mason (visiting the Central Park Zoo in this photo) and his sis-in-laws.
Khloe flew in from LA.

Kim tries on and buys an Abaya and Sheila while 
at the old Gold Souk

On Saturday, after lining up for an hour in heels in the VIP/Media line at Sephora -  courtesy of Tala of MyFashDiary.com - we finally moved along and one by one we got literally 60 seconds with the beauty. Everyone got a card with A picture of Kim and her perfume, and her signature. Anything we had brought a long to sign could also be handed over to her and so I did with my Harper's Bazaar Arabia copy. Once we got the signature and a chance to smile and exchange a few words (limited to hi, hello, how are you, thanks) we were directed to the exit by multiple security guards. There was no photo opp for anyone! - Who cares, at least we got to meet her face to face and get her signature!)

Kim at Sephora Dubai Mall introducing her perfume and singing 
autographs for fans

The signature on my copy of the magazine and the card that everyone received!
above photo by LVP

While in line, I also had the honor of meeting the awesome and gorgeous Huda Kattan of hudabeauty.com (it's always awesome meeting fellow bloggers) 

Here's a cropped picture of just her!
Above picture by LVP

There was a lot of controversy over why people went crazy over her. Honestly I don't know but when people ask me why I'm a fan I say I'm a fan of her beauty and style as well as their fun, loving, crazy, family oriented personalities, and their reality show. Sure they have  a lot of negative qualities and associations, but which celebrity doesn't, which human doesn't. If you don't like her there's no need to follow her through media or attend any of the events, just don't come and then complain!!

Anyways, this is the end of my multiple posts about Kim. I will also be posting up a Tumblr Tuesday tonight so check back and keep posted through our Facebook Page

I will later share the link (when it is active) to the feature I wrote for MyFashDiary.com as a thank you to Tala for giving me this opportunity! Stay tuned...

Photos by national.ae, gulfnews.com

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