Monday, October 3, 2011

the 10 Commandments for Youthful Looking Skin - Part 1 explains to us how to keep our skin naturally glowing, free of impurities and looking young!
Some of this we already know, but sometimes we need a reminder or reassurance! 


Hydrated skin not only looks great - glowing, healthy, and even-toned - but it is also stronger, more resilient and better equipped to fend off irritation. So obviously don't stop drinking water, but also, to keep skin supple post-shower, use a body wash that contains hydrating ingredients - such as jojoba butter - or even try an in-shower body lotion. 
Moisturizers contain two skin saving components: a) Humectants - e.g. hyaluronic acid - draw water from the air into the skin & b) Emollients - e.g. mineral oil - strengthen the lipid barrier, thus holding in moisture.

If the skin's lipid barrier is compromised, and irritants slip through, the resulting inflammatory response leads to: redness, itching, and overall prevent this by using fragrance-free lotions (bonus: with niacinamide - a skin-strengthening and protecting derivative of vitamin B3). To calm skin quickly, spot treat areas of concern with cold compresses/packs. This will help draw redness away from skin's surface.

Your diet doesn't just affect your waistline - it can also save your skin: 
Green tea is a given and we've mentioned this one before, which not only protects collagen, it could also help prevent skin cancer.
Wild salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which aid skin's battier-repair function.
Sweet potatoes are chock-full of antioxidant beta-catotene.
Blueberries' antioxidant content protects precious cells inside and out
Spinach's antioxidant lutein helps preserve your vision (less squinting = fewer wrinkles ;) )

While you're fast asleep, your body is busy releasing hormones that boost cell turnover. Take advantage of this nightly skin-renewal window by applying age-fighting actives that include beta hydroxy acid and retinoids. BUT if you're not the cream applying kind of person, personally I think just drinking lots of water and getting a good amount of sleep can be a natural age fighter!

Satin sheets, however, are a good idea. Trade up to satin sheets if you want to realize your dream of sag-free skin. Over time, rubbing and reduced circulation caused by tossing and turning in rougher sheets can create more friction = break down collagen = leading to wrinkles

Dead skin cells? Yuck! Keep skin smooth and boost radiance with cell-sloughing (shedding) exfoliation. A physical exfoliant such as a scrub, or a body wash with gentle beads, buffs away debris, while alpha or beta hydroxy acids dissolve the bonds between cells, so the old cells easily wash away!
Revealing...soft, glowing skin.

There are many recipe for home made scrubs (they often include coarse particles such as salt, oats, sugar, etc. and oils to moisturize and scent, but search up some recipes, they work really well!). In-store options - especially the body washes - are also great and hassle free! be continued....

PS. Come back for Part 2 (and all other LVP posts) later this week!

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  1. Great post. I am a real sucker for Lush salts, creams and blueberries, and I'd love a girlfriendly weekend with nothing else to do but to relax, sleep and boost my cell turnover.


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