Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Small Hello From Paris..Well Kind Of..

My father was just in Paris for a business trip...just towards the end of Paris Fashion Week, lucky him...however that is irrelevant, as he knows as much as about PFW as I do about finance and all that he does, which is 1.5 on a scale of 1 - 10!

However, he did come back with a very special treat!

Photo by LVP via instagram

Fresh LaDurée Macaroons!!
Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry.... Delish!
See the missing one, yeah that's the one I had in my mouth while taking the picture!

He was also in the city the day of DVF's Fragrance Launch so I sent him over to Sephora, Champs Élysées on the day of. Unfortunately he didn't make it in time for catching a glimpse of Diane herself (according to her twitter, I understood she was there) but he did catch some of the dancing that still went on after Diane had left.

He also brought back a sample of the perfume for me, and I'll tell you, it is 'LVP approved'. I'm usually very picky with scents, avoiding too spicy and too sweet scents. This scent is..different, in the good kind of way. Very mature, and a perfect blend of floral and musk scents!

He also brought back a sample of Miss Dior Cherie, which is just as elegant smelling as it's ads - which I've also always loved

Last but not least, he brought back samples of a 'traditional soap' (meaning it's made the good ol' fashioned way) which is made mostly of vegetable oil

These are the two that he got as samples.
Olive/Lavender & Coquelicot.

I already love the smell of the Olive/Lavender one & I can't wait to try them out. Who knows, it might even make it to a new feature LVP is thinking of starting 'Tried and Tested'...Stay tuned!!

- Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of the 10 Commandments for Youthful Skin

Photos by: LVP via instagram,,,, 

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