Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Interiors

This weekend I'm leaving you with some great ideas to help you get planning and inspired for decorating your home for the next week. Halloween can be one of the most exciting holidays to decorate for.

Here are some great examples of how the decor can be a part of your everyday furniture and décor regardless of whether your having a party or not.

Sticking spiders around everyday object is an easy but effect-ful way to add a spooky feeling to your house

Embellish your front yard with cutout cardboard grave headstones and add some dead/fall leaves and maybe even lights to add the extra effect! (Bonus: If you're in Dubai, or any other warmer climate city, the rain will not destroy this!)

Emily of cupcakes and cashmere adds subtly yet significant elements to her house like this crow that peeks out of her bookshelf 

One reader cut a pumpkin in half, added a cloth and some chocolate to her everyday coffee table. This is a great idea for all of fall, not just Halloween!


Decorating pumpkins is great for all of this season, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

Stenciling through a doily with paint is a perfect, quick-and-easy DIY idea

Pinning a decorations (with pins/nail heads) is another great idea for a something different yet in tune with the season's celebrations

Not so much of a spooky, eerie person, but still want to capture the season's black, orange, and fall theme? Try this dainty idea of wrapping your pumpkin with lace. Tip: Pull a lace stocking over your pumpkin - no sticking, no tying, no mess. Easy!

Again, there are so many ways to brighten up your fall/halloween décor just as Martha Stewart shows us with covering these pumpkins is seasonal colored glitter!

Emily of cupcakes and cashmere spray painted her pumpkins gold and added them around the house to rev up her daily decor to fit the season

And last but not least, silhouettes are great all around the house! 

Try adding black paper cutouts of rats and mice around the house, in between bookshelves, on the stairs, behind candles, even in the kitchen?!

Adding silhouettes of skeletons and others to your living room window and leaving the lights on and curtains closed at night will give neighbors & passers by a bit of a spook!



  1. LOVE your interior ideas! So much in fact that I shared several of them with my friends on FB and retweeted them to my twitter community @potsandpickles! However I am not too keen on using my lace stockings. Thus will use fishnet stockings instead. What do you reckon?

  2. Thanks, yes do share! I hear you! I think that's a great idea, and without the 'flowers' you'll be leaning more towards a halloween-esque look!
    Hope to see you back!


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