Monday, January 30, 2012

4 New & Fun Things to Try This Week!

1. Sparkle Vase
Tip a packet of plastic sequins into a vase. Fill with water - which will 
inevitable allow some to float, some to sink. Finish with a bright or light
colored flower. Place in sunlight so that the sequins reflect light
all over the room during the day!

For Dubai (or not). Try this cute bakery in the Green Community called Sunflower Bakery.
Opened by a German expat and full of homemade goodies, treat yourself to some soft
and comforting Traditional German Black Bread (AED 22) - full of fibre,
 or a Fresh Sea Salted Pretzel (AED 6). 
If you're looking out for a healthier option, try the Organic Fitness Bread (AED 20)
made from rye sourdough, pumpkin seeds, and linseed
Location: Green Community Shopping Centre (04 - 8853533)
+ For a minimum order of  AED 100 & 24 hours notice, get it delivered to your doorstep!

3. Take a Yoga Class
With it's increasing popularity there are so many options
Yoga outdoors, Yoga for beginners, Yoga for mother & child. 
Explore your local options and treat yourself & your body to a healthy
mind relaxing activity.

4. Cuddle up and watch an old classic - in Black & White!
Try 'A Roman Holiday' for a fun romantic-comedy like movie.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Weekend!

We had great posts this whole week! I hope you enjoyed them! Have a restful weekend and be ready for even better posts next week! Look back through the archive if you missed them!

Take care and enjoy the weekend!

Here's your funny video to kick start your weekend

image via the coveteur

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We Need to Know: Emma Is Going to Benin

When I first started this blog, one of my main ideas was, not only for it to be a place where I collect and share what I like in the design world, but more so to find and share this idea of a balanced life. Where you enjoy life but give back as well. I'm going to start including more news features and global featured stories on here under the feature name 'We Need To Know'! Because sometimes, among the glitz and glamour we need a reality check, just to take a step back and view things in perspective!

What a better way to start the feature than with this story?! One of my close friends is going to Benin, a small country neighboring Nigeria with The Humanity Exchange in March! 


Here's her story in her own words:

"My name is Emma. I am half Serbian and half American and I have lived in Dubai, UAE for the past 6 years. I graduated High School in 2011 and I am currently pursuing a gap year. 

The most exciting part of my gap year is my upcoming trip to Benin with a programme called The Humanity Exchange. For those of you who don't know, Benin is a small West African country that is sandwiched between Togo to the West and Nigeria to the East.
 I will be staying in the voodoo capital, Ouidah, a small city close to the capital of Benin, Cotonou. As Benin is a francophone country I will be studying French in order to be able to communicate with the locals and more importantly, the orphaned children I will be taking care of during my stay.  

 I will be with children of all ages who have been abandoned or whose families are simply too poor to care for them. A lot of these children have lived on the streets and have been abused or prostituted and others are handicapped or living with HIV/AIDS.

I will help care for, teach, and run extra-curricular activities for the children and I would love to be able to bring with me certain staple goods such as clothing (shirts, long skirts, pants, and sneakers) and school supplies to provide to the orphaned children. 

I will be staying in Benin for two months and my trip is to commence on the 9th of March! I have a whole slur of emotions running through me as the date to my departure nears, nervousness, anticipation, and anxiety to name a few, but I know that this trip will change my life in an unimaginable way and I am excited for my journey ahead.  "

LVP will definitely be interview Emma once she's back!

Follow her Blog: Mon Voyage En Afrique to find out all about
her adventures, both before and during the trip. While she's
there, she will be updating her blog with photos and diaries!

If you're in Dubai, also keep up with the blog so that you
can be aware of opportunities to send certain things for the children there, 
and/or make a donation. Every little bit helps!

When you have nothing, something can be everything!

After her trip, Emma will start her undergraduate journey and New York's esteemed Barnard College of Columbia in Fall. And after her gap year, she would've learned two languages (Arabic & French), been on a journey that will affect many lives for the better, and gained work experience through internship here in Dubai! It's an honor to have a person like Emma talking to the readers of LVP!

Don't forget to check out her blog & I will see you guys soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For Him: Gift Guide

Isn't it always so hard to shop for men? Well, LVP is going to
make your life a little bit easier with this gift guide. Just in time for
Valentine's Day too! Wether he's stylish, fashion conscious, a coffee
lover, traveller, work-a-holic, anything. This gift guide will give you
some great ideas and if anything 'guide' you in the right direction and 
get you thinking!  Enjoy:

  1. Sweater. ZARA
  2. kMix 2-Slice Toaster. Broadway Panhandler
  3. Alarm Clock. Punkt.
  4. CitiZ & Milk Limousine Black. Nespresso
  5. MARC by Marc Jacobs iPhone Cover. Saks 5th Ave.
  6. Suede Slipper by BOSS Black. Saks 5th Ave.
  7. Passport Case/Flap Wallet. Archival Clothing PHOTO VIA GQ.COM
  8. Mulberry Leather iPad Case. MR PORTER
  9. Brass Cufflinks by Alice Made This. MR PORTER
  10. Ribbed Metal Cufflinks. Express
  11. MARC by Marc Jacobs Laptop Cover. MR PORTER
  12. Wrist Watch by Uniform Wares. MR PORTER
  13. Suede Drivers. TOD'S
  14. Travel Shaving Kit. Art of Shaving
All photos from respective websites
Background photo via TOD'S

Flowers' Meaning: Love & Affection

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and a bouquet of flowers are a classic. 
A bouquet of just red roses are boring and mundane. In my opinion not that pretty 
either. One rose yes, a bunch, no. Here are other flowers that have meanings
of affection, love, & lovable sayings/phrases. Keep this for reference for all through
the year [a bouquet on a random day, just because, is never a bad idea!], and even
share this with the man in your life. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NYC: Brooklyn Diner (Times Square)

When I got back from my winter in NYC, I promised a bunch of new reviews
 of places to eat in the city. So here's the first one. While trying many different
places for breakfast, one I went to more than once was Brooklyn Diner.
(Went there a couple times because of taste and convenience) 

Unlike it's name suggests, the diner is located right in the heart of Times
Square & contrary to my first thought, it's not crazy tourist packed.
Although the people sitting in might all be tourists, it certainly doesn't
feel like it. (i.e. no lost tourists asking for directions, back packs and coats
tossed everywhere, no screaming kids....very calm and 'normal'). 

The menu has all the usuals and more. Below is what my family & I
tried out while there. And one thing at the diner had us coming back
for more every morning!

Above: The drinks we ordered (as named in the picture)
The milkshake was pretty good, the rest, just as expected.
No disappointments.

<-- I ordered this as well, and it tasted amazing.

Above: The food we ordered (when we went back it was usually because of the ice cream/pancakes/cookies). A very indulgent breakfast!
(the whipped cream - fresh and homemade at the diner,
I finished it before the pancakes even arrived! [don't judge!])

From their menu: 
The 'Valrhona' is the one in the picture, and as a chocolate
chip pancake it was amazing! And to add to it, they use
Valrhona chocolate. Which is only the best chocolate to 
use for cooking/baking! It really makes a difference in
the taste!

This is the omelette + crispy polenta fries, and regular 
french fries
The french fries were okay, a big soft for my liking
The polenta - not my thing! Tried it for the first time
don't think I would order it again.

We also, once, tried the red velvet waffle, which as pictured is 
as expected. However from the menu you can see the order is
pretty heavy, so we opted to skip the frosting! The regular waffle
is pretty good too.

The BIG DEAL. This chocolate chip cookie is the best of it's kind.
It's almost the size of a regular dining plate (as seen in the picture).
It has chunks - not chips - chunks of Valrhona chocolate inside, and is soft,
chewy, crispy from the outside, and warm (freshly baked!). I'm serious, this 
was the main thing that we came back to the diner for (3 mornings in a row)!

There were a couple other things I would've liked to have tried, like the lemon
and blueberry pancakes. Most of the items on their breakfast menu seems
like it wouldn't disappoint

Some other pictures of the diner itself:

The great view from the tables by the window

The diner is adorned with all kinds of sweets, not to
mention the amazing Wayne Theibaud reprints!

The diner is pretty big, spacious and although full, you usually get a place to sit (also depends on what time you get there)

The pricing was pretty average in comparison to other main diners in the city.
For more info on the diner checkout their website: BrooklynDiner

I hope this post was helpful and fun. If you're in the area, at least drop in for the cookie!

All photos by & copyright of LVP
Menu clippings via

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Wow this week flew by!
Have a great weekend & I'll see you guys next week!

Look forward to:
All kinds of Valentine's day posts
A product launch you'll love
An NYC Restaurant Review
A beauty tip that'll keep you glowin!
& more!

I'll leave you with this cute & funny photo:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Chicago Botanic Garden Styled Engagement Shoot

Enjoy the eye candy, and get inspired with this styled engagement shoot 
spotted on Style Me Pretty. Balanced hues and cozy twist to an otherwise 
pink and elegant affair. averyhouse makes this d├ęcor versatile enough for a 
chilly summer evening event or a fall-time engagement party. Wether you
look at it as a dressed up makin-s'mores get together, or a cozied up formal 
affair, this is one to to walk away from, being left inspired


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