Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cute & Easy Gifts for Loved Ones on Valentine's Day!

Here are some cute, small, and easy gift ideas for those of you who like giving valentine gifts to friends, and family members on the special day (which I think is a great gesture), and who want something other than a rose! Or even for couples that don't take gifts to a major level, or even if you want to give multiple little gifts, even in addition to your bigger, main gift (if that make sense!)

Why not start the day off with heart shaped breakfast items such as heart shaped 
sunny-side-ups and/or heart shaped pancakes. If you do not have the heart
shaped pancake formers, you can always try and use a heart shaped cookie
cutter (which if you don't have, can be purchased for just a couple dollars)

Make a little booklet, stack of cards that read all or some of the reasons
why you love the person you're giving the gift too!
(it can be more or fewer that 52!)

A little twist: Using a check/to-do list type format, list the reasons
why that special someone is your valentine, and why you want to spend
the day with them!

Not going all out, but still want to celebrate some valentine spirit at home?
Add heart shaped beef pepperoni, or other vegetables by cutting out pieces
with a small heart shaped cookie cutter.

Celebrate the day of love with family, friends at school, and loved ones by
leaving this simple note attached to festive pencil on their desk/workplace!
Simple, quick, easy, and fun!

The classic Hershey's Kiss can never be a bad idea/choice! For all the chocolate
lovers out there,leave a packet full of hershey's kisses for them. 
Personalize it by bagging it in a packet other than the one you bought it in
and embellish with a cute ribbon. Why not add a note or quote like this one to 
make it extra special!

Festive sweets and baked goods are not an overrated classic. They work
every time, and is a fun activity to get the little ones involved in too and/or 
have a great and fun time with your valentine by baking these festive goodies!

(Tip: bake a simple, regular batch of brownies, and instead of cutting it
into squares, use a heart shaped cookie cutter & leave the scraps for eating
later as an indulgent snack!)

All photos via Pinterest 

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