Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Walk Down 5th Ave.

The shops down 5th avenue have some of the best window displays. I had read about the Bergdorf Goodman & Tiffany's and then I luckily had the chance to see them during my trip to New York as well as some others. Personally the Bergdorf and Tiffany's topped my list. Although Cartier's was really cute too. I think this year was probably the best as a whole.

Take a look & enjoy:

The tiffany windows consisted of carousel exteriers and a large crystal cut like 
glass window. When you look through each one, a minature scene of snow,
 jewels, and holiday spirit can be seen, with a different scene in each window.

Other windows, and the hanging snowflake in the middle of 5th ave.

These were some other windows: Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi

The Cartier building!

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