Friday, July 29, 2011

Featured: Bash, Please

So today LVP features a website that is as pretty to look at as is the work they do.

The Name: Bash, Please

Already starting with a cute, fun, and chic name, Bash, Please offers event planning services that cover everything. 

Paige and Kelly, the masterminds behind the company, offer services in California that range from venue visits to floral decor and gifts. They're one you should definitely checkout if you're in California and are about to plan an event anytime soon!

However...if you do not fill either of the above categories - or even if you do - then check out their blog where they posts the most beautiful of events...

Here are some of Paige and Kelly's likes and dislikes:

Hope you enjoy their website!

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3 Ways to boost your metabolism

Here are three ways to increase/boost your metabolism naturally. Easy things that can be added to your daily routine. Found on Livestrong's website, these way may be of no surprise to some of you, but can definitely be a good reminder!

via tumblr

1. Eat Grape fruit:
Research suggests that eating grapefruit, which is packed with fiber and vitamin C, can help you get lean. In the May 2010 issue of the "American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism," scientists found that grapefruit is rich in nootkatone, a compound that activates a protein that increases energy expenditure.

Theresa Pyle via Pinterest

2. Drink Green Tea
Drinking green tea not only supplies heart-protecting antioxidants, but it also supports the metabolism. A study published in the December 1999 issue of the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," subjects consuming green tea extract elevated their energy expenditure and fat oxidation for 24 hours.

Jake Block via Pinterest

3. Drink More Water
Drinking adequate amounts of water is crucial for overall health. A study published in the September 2000 issue of "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism," reported that drinking a half of liter of water caused a boost subjects' metabolic rate by 30 percent that began within 10 minutes and lasted for 30 to 40 minutes.
- Livestrong

Hope this was helpful, and until next time...
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sinless Desserts

You don't need to rid yourself of your weekly, or even daily sugar dosage in order to be healthy. That what LVP believes that a balanced diet and lifestyle should include. After all the earth produces sugar and cocoa for a reason; indulgence!

Here are a couple under 100 calorie desserts and sweet treats that you can easily make at home in no time and savor, yet not feel guilty about.

Indoor S'mores (via

(Ginger Citrus Posicle via

Just mix you favorite natural juices (e.g. orange, apple, lime, etc.) and freeze up for a couple hours. Don't forget to insert your popsicle stick in through half way or right from the beginning. 
Add a fun touch by throwing in some slices/pieces of the fruit

Above Left: Grape Mint Popsicle (just a mix of lime juice, honey, grape pieces, and a bunch of mint (for fresher breath!)) - So simple, and if you don't have a kit at home just use a plastic cup as a mold.

Above Right: Wild Berry Popsicle: (A blend of yoghurt with berries, some honey for thickness and natural sweetness, and a touch of lime juice)

Strawberries and Chocolate
Photo via tumblr

No one can say no to these! Just melt some bittersweet/semi-sweet chocolate on a couple of wash and cleaned strawberries and enjoy!

"cutting out sugar completely isn't necessary or even possible," says Suzanne Farrell, R.D., of Denver. What is: indulging wisely, by curbing cravings and eliminating hidden sources. On these pages, we make eating a lot less sugar a cakewalk.

Oh and one scoop of your favorite ice cream can often be a 100 calorie treat once a week!

Hope this was helpful!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Go Green...literally

Being green is definitely important and a social responsibility. With environmental awareness increasing, being green has quickly caught on as a trend, but in the next few months, being green is going to be more in trend and hotter than ever. From coats, to shoes, purses to jewelry, everything is meant to go green!

Not to mention the color has been on many style conscious radars recently:

The going green feature on the Glitter Guide

DVF's color story, emailer feature, and fall/winter 11/12 line 

Top ten green items are featured in Emirates Woman's July 2011 Issue

Usually in magazines, trends like pastels, or this summer's bright solid colors usually entail and array of colors within the theme. But no, this season it's just GREEN!

- À Bientôt!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

LVP is back



There haven't been any posts in the past one month, I was travelling with family and only got back just this week. With jet lag and unpacking I've been far from getting anywhere near Blogger, not to mention I'm still getting used to this blogging thing.

While I was away I finalized my thoughts on what I wanted this blog to entail, and just as I initially planned there will be features on health, fitness, fashion, travel, etc.  on this blog. 

So from tomorrow onwards get ready to check back daily for new and exciting posts!

Until next time...
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