Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fridge Do's & Don'ts

Is your fridge making you fat? You may be leading a conscious and healthy lifestyle, but it's the little things we do, or are unaware of that may getting the best of us!

These expert tricks - via Glamour magazine - and nutrition experts such as Rachel Beller, R.D. and Brian Wansink, Ph.D

DON'T: keep fatty foods in clear containers
you'll be more tempted and likely to pick that up
Also avoid storing family style. i.e. big portions. If 
you were to eat that meal, you would put more than
you should on your plate. Keep your storage to small
portion sizes!


DON'T: keep peanut butter in easy reach
Beller says, "Women end up eating spoonfuls straight
from the jar". While it may be okay for a protein addition
in your snack, more than needed can be high in sugars (especially most conventional PBs), & can be high in fat!


DON'T: switch bread for wraps - thin maybe, but they
can equal the portions of 3 - 4 slices of bread

stick to slices of (brown) bread!

Now for what you SHOULD DO...


DO:  switch out for almond butter & use only in snack portions, in snacks!

DO: stock up on healthy protein options such as tuna, egg, almond/peanut butter to have on slices of apples/cucumbers (NOT in tablespoons for a eating!)

DO: Have cut up veggies in small clear containers for easy access and great delicious, nutritious snacks. It'll be the first thing you pick up. Plus they might even help you when you're cooking!

DO: swap regular yogurt for greek yogurt (Read this post about the benefits of greek yogurt here )

Text & Advice: adapted from Glamour Magazine, Jan 2012 edition
Photos: via Pinterest and Google Images

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chic Additions for Your Home

1. Silk rug: ABC carpet & home / 2. Rug: ABC Carpet & Home / 3. Medallion Chair: ABC Carpet & Home / 4. Favor Bags/Cookie Bags?!: TomKat Studio / 6. Begonia Knob: Anthropologie / 7. Towel Set: Anthropologie /  8. Striped Throw: ZARA Home / 9. Fleckled pillow: /
10. Cutting board: ABC Carpet & Home

I know, I accidentally skipped no. 5!

Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Things to Know This Week

1. Why you should say no to alcohol

according to nutritionist Joy Bauer:

  • lowers your inhibitions - makes it harder to say no to unhealthy foods
  • increases risk of high blood pressure
  • "          "             "  obesity
  • messes with your skin!
  • is taxing on your liver

2. A pinch of salt prevents the egg's shell from cracking while boiling

3. Balloons make for a sophisticated and chic backdrop

Contrary to what many of us might think, or remember balloons to be, they can be very 'grown up', chic and sophisticated. Just remember to stick to a neutral, or limited colors color-palette. Clear/transparent balloons also add texture to your overall look without a solid/bold  balloon being there.

4. The father has an important role in teaching persistence to his young adolescent children

According to and research done by Brigham Young University (BYU), father's play and important and unique role in teaching their children about being and staying persistent. All about completing tasks, sticking to a goal. Not to say that mother's can't enforce these teachings, but it is important to know that the father being involved is very important and really he is just as influential as a mother.

5. Color blocking is totally do-able

Just remember:
- stick to solids
- balance out with neutrals
- full proof combos: similar colors
- try and find pre-color-blocked pieces at stores


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Iced Tea Latte

I started switching out my coffee and lattes for a cooler option: an iced tea latte, to keep me cool during these hot summer months. And it changes things up a bit! And I make it right at home..

This is what I do (even though it may not be the oh so professional still works):

Add your regular amount of instant coffee into your glass

Pour a teaspoon or two of boiled/half boiled water (just to dissolve the granules, sometimes I skip this step and the coffee dissolves into the milk. It all depends)

Fill the rest of the glass with low-fat milk - straight from the fridge

Add two to four drops of Vanilla essence (optional - I like the added flavor, you can also add some chocolate syrup if you want an iced mochachino..)

Add a couple ice cubes (also optional, I skip this when I'm lazy, or I know I'm going to finish the latte soon/it wont warm up)

Stir & Enjoy..

Tell me, do you switch out your regular, warmer drinks to cooler versions for the summer?

Let me know if you try this recipe out (send me pictures)!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Power Up

walnuts, snow peas, lettuce, blue cheese, beans

Power salads are a great way to incorporate healthy meals and snacks into your daily diet. They are full of nutrients, minerals....good stuff! and the variety that you can work with will keep it interesting, always changing up the flavors and textures, as well as your plate's color palette!

corn, onions, beans, red capsicum, parsley

quinoa, beans, tomatoes/red capsicum, yellow capsicum, onions

chicken, avocado, cherry tomato, feta, pine nuts

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graduation Party Décor Ideas

Used books as décor (used books that had an educational feel to them - shakespeare, titled harvard, ambition, obama etc.)  and stacked them at different heights around the living and dining room.

How to decorate your home/living room/dining room for a graduation dinner without breaking the wallet. 

Here are the key ideas to the look I pulled together just last year for my own graduation. (captioned under the images)

Used scrabble letters to spell out phrases like 'Class of Twenty 11', 'Exce11ent' - our class's phrase, and 'Graduation'

I kept the theme to a classic and sophisticated black and gold. So I gathered bits and bobs of décor from around the house. This included christmas baubles, gold floral like decor.. (above image) - I used a simple glass to hold it as it was the perfect height/size and didn't have vase that fit to that criteria.

 Graduation confetti (bought from a party store). 

Other miscellaneous décor included clear candle holders with plain white tea light candles, UNO cards in spelling out the '2011' - almost like the numerical version of what I did with the Scrabble letters!
And finally, one wall was covered with my favorite pictures and polaroids of my friends and I from senior year. Great memories!

All photos are by Ferwa Chevel for LVP and are copyrighted. Please credit them if used.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unexpected Wall-Paint Colors That Work

Here are pictures of some unexpected wall colors that actually work. Of course there are things to keep in mind when choosing such, or any kind of wall color/pattern. The context/use of the room, the amount of lighting, and definitely the furniture that will be place in the room. These should all balance each other out and can therefore lead to rooms like these below that work with what could be considered a risky color.

The olive green in this room adds a earthy tone, but it's boldness is cut through with the sunlight that is brought in from the large ceiling-to-floor windows. The tan furniture and limited color palette help keep things from getting too colorful or busy and keeps the room within the 'earthy' feel.

Dark colors aren't usually considered when planning color schemes. But this room, again with a limited color palette makes navy work, and it's all over the room. In this case, the shade of blue used works, if it was perhaps a lighter shade of blue (sky blue?!) it would be too overwhelming. Here navy looks sophisticated and cozy

Who would've thought pink would work for ALL the cabinets, or any, in the kitchen? But here we see that it actually can work!. Dishes, appliances and furniture are kept neutral with white, clear, stainless steel, and light wooden choices.

Again, here the dark brown walls/ceiling and dark floors work really well to create a cozy living space sans the depressing ambiance often creates from darker interiors. I think the rug, light brown furniture, and lighter colored artwork help soften the look of the hard floor and hard colors.

Grey walls?! But actually it CAN work and create an elegant setting. Long and soft white drapes, elegant baroque-inspired-like chairs and sunlight balance out the grey walls. While this room might not be as bright or cheery as other color options, the color does work and make for a subtle, quiet, elegant, and neutral room setting!

This photo, found on Pinterest, was captioned 'the laundry room needs love too', which is exactly what I was thinking when I found it. The laundry room, often neglected when it comes to decor, should be a cheery place that makes you feel good and happy. Especially when laundry can be considered a chore! This picture shows us that a bright turquoise color that may not work on all four walls of a huge living room, it can work in a smaller space such as this laundry room. (here the context plays an important part!) with white appliances and furniture, and neutral embellishments, this room would definitely motivate me to do the laundry!

Black walls? Yes, this too can work. Notice, the all white & light gray palette. Only the wall is black, and that too has white adornments that cut through it. The pink flowers add a beautiful touch, the metallic bedside adds life without overdoing it, and the huge windows help brighten up the room! 

Even though this bold colored room is paired with a huge plum colored sofa, it works. Most of the other rooms worked because of their neutral palette for furniture. This does apply here too though, since the rest of the furniture and decor is mostly white. However the plum sofa adds a nice touch, pop of bright color, and cuts through the not so bright green wall color.

Same rules as the above pictures apply to this one. Isn't that purple gorgeous?

Ooh. A rust, burnt orangey red. This is one daring color. Not one that would work in a lot of our homes, but with the huge black and white photographs that cut through the bold color and tone it down, and the bright sunlight that bathes the room, this color works in this space.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Style Radar: Under The Sea

In true Sebastian style, here's an 'undah the sea' inspired board:
summer time, the beach, jewels from under the sea, the water's
sparkly reflection of the sunlight, and Dinsey's the little mermaid!:

necklace: lulu frost // navy top: net-a-porter // link pavé bracelet: J.Crew //

sunglasses: J.Crew // mint bangle: J.Crew // purple bag: Proenza Schouler //

crystal bow flats: Tory Burch // Lemon slices: enjoy some refreshing lemonade in

these hot summer months // bowl: ZGallerie // gold & green bracelet: J.Crew // 

    purple hyacinth 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas from LACOSTE

As I've mentioned before, it can be very hard to shop for guys! We posted a gift guide earlier this year to help you while shopping for your guy for Valentine's Day, and now with Father's Day around the corner, here are some great ideas from LACOSTE. The brand is most likely a safe choice with it's versatile products, and with it being generally liked and worn by men everywhere!

Some great semi formal tops that would be great!
Some of their summery polos would be perfect for
a day out by the pool, or a casual day lazing around
at home.

For the sporty, workaholic, or both, the below accessories
are to definitely make his wish list, with stylish and sleek
designs for everyday necessities.

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