Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graduation Party Décor Ideas

Used books as décor (used books that had an educational feel to them - shakespeare, titled harvard, ambition, obama etc.)  and stacked them at different heights around the living and dining room.

How to decorate your home/living room/dining room for a graduation dinner without breaking the wallet. 

Here are the key ideas to the look I pulled together just last year for my own graduation. (captioned under the images)

Used scrabble letters to spell out phrases like 'Class of Twenty 11', 'Exce11ent' - our class's phrase, and 'Graduation'

I kept the theme to a classic and sophisticated black and gold. So I gathered bits and bobs of décor from around the house. This included christmas baubles, gold floral like decor.. (above image) - I used a simple glass to hold it as it was the perfect height/size and didn't have vase that fit to that criteria.

 Graduation confetti (bought from a party store). 

Other miscellaneous décor included clear candle holders with plain white tea light candles, UNO cards in spelling out the '2011' - almost like the numerical version of what I did with the Scrabble letters!
And finally, one wall was covered with my favorite pictures and polaroids of my friends and I from senior year. Great memories!

All photos are by Ferwa Chevel for LVP and are copyrighted. Please credit them if used.

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