Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fridge Do's & Don'ts

Is your fridge making you fat? You may be leading a conscious and healthy lifestyle, but it's the little things we do, or are unaware of that may getting the best of us!

These expert tricks - via Glamour magazine - and nutrition experts such as Rachel Beller, R.D. and Brian Wansink, Ph.D

DON'T: keep fatty foods in clear containers
you'll be more tempted and likely to pick that up
Also avoid storing family style. i.e. big portions. If 
you were to eat that meal, you would put more than
you should on your plate. Keep your storage to small
portion sizes!


DON'T: keep peanut butter in easy reach
Beller says, "Women end up eating spoonfuls straight
from the jar". While it may be okay for a protein addition
in your snack, more than needed can be high in sugars (especially most conventional PBs), & can be high in fat!


DON'T: switch bread for wraps - thin maybe, but they
can equal the portions of 3 - 4 slices of bread

stick to slices of (brown) bread!

Now for what you SHOULD DO...


DO:  switch out for almond butter & use only in snack portions, in snacks!

DO: stock up on healthy protein options such as tuna, egg, almond/peanut butter to have on slices of apples/cucumbers (NOT in tablespoons for a eating!)

DO: Have cut up veggies in small clear containers for easy access and great delicious, nutritious snacks. It'll be the first thing you pick up. Plus they might even help you when you're cooking!

DO: swap regular yogurt for greek yogurt (Read this post about the benefits of greek yogurt here )

Text & Advice: adapted from Glamour Magazine, Jan 2012 edition
Photos: via Pinterest and Google Images

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