Sunday, June 17, 2012

Iced Tea Latte

I started switching out my coffee and lattes for a cooler option: an iced tea latte, to keep me cool during these hot summer months. And it changes things up a bit! And I make it right at home..

This is what I do (even though it may not be the oh so professional still works):

Add your regular amount of instant coffee into your glass

Pour a teaspoon or two of boiled/half boiled water (just to dissolve the granules, sometimes I skip this step and the coffee dissolves into the milk. It all depends)

Fill the rest of the glass with low-fat milk - straight from the fridge

Add two to four drops of Vanilla essence (optional - I like the added flavor, you can also add some chocolate syrup if you want an iced mochachino..)

Add a couple ice cubes (also optional, I skip this when I'm lazy, or I know I'm going to finish the latte soon/it wont warm up)

Stir & Enjoy..

Tell me, do you switch out your regular, warmer drinks to cooler versions for the summer?

Let me know if you try this recipe out (send me pictures)!

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