Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt has gotten a lot of attention and hype recently, and rightly so.
This thicker and creamier version of regular yogurt has health benefits that'll
make you want to add it to your weekly grocery list!

- Lower in Calories
- Twice the protein (from reg. yogurt)
- Almost 0% cholesterol
- Low in Sodium
- Often high in Potassium
- Naturally less sugar

- The thickness, and more protein, means that it keeps you fuller longer
(most of the whey & water are drained out in the manufacturing process)
- Less sugar, about half the amount of reg. yogurt. But avoid the ones mixed
with fruit, because those typically add sugar content!
Tip: Add a tablespoon of honey for flavor/sweetness

Opinionated benefits: creamier, thicker, tangier taste

Disadvantage: because the whey is drained out, so is some of the calcium
content. Therefore this is important if yogurt is your primary source of
calcium in your daily diet.

But as always, in true LVP style, life is balance, and if your body allows it 
(you're not lactose intolerant) then you have milk and other sources of calcium
in your daily diet. But if you don't want to completely switch over to greek yogurt, 
well then you still have both the regular and greek yogurts in your diet, so then
you're balanced out!

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