Sunday, July 24, 2011

LVP is back



There haven't been any posts in the past one month, I was travelling with family and only got back just this week. With jet lag and unpacking I've been far from getting anywhere near Blogger, not to mention I'm still getting used to this blogging thing.

While I was away I finalized my thoughts on what I wanted this blog to entail, and just as I initially planned there will be features on health, fitness, fashion, travel, etc.  on this blog. 

So from tomorrow onwards get ready to check back daily for new and exciting posts!

Until next time...
À Bientôt!


  1. Glad you had safe travels with your family, glad to see you back!

    I love your blog, and hope that you will come to my new music site, The Internet Garbage! We have some pretty awesome stuff up, you might like it! Hope to see you around x

  2. Hey its great to hear from you!
    Just did! (check out your blog)


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