Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sinless Desserts

You don't need to rid yourself of your weekly, or even daily sugar dosage in order to be healthy. That what LVP believes that a balanced diet and lifestyle should include. After all the earth produces sugar and cocoa for a reason; indulgence!

Here are a couple under 100 calorie desserts and sweet treats that you can easily make at home in no time and savor, yet not feel guilty about.

Indoor S'mores (via

(Ginger Citrus Posicle via

Just mix you favorite natural juices (e.g. orange, apple, lime, etc.) and freeze up for a couple hours. Don't forget to insert your popsicle stick in through half way or right from the beginning. 
Add a fun touch by throwing in some slices/pieces of the fruit

Above Left: Grape Mint Popsicle (just a mix of lime juice, honey, grape pieces, and a bunch of mint (for fresher breath!)) - So simple, and if you don't have a kit at home just use a plastic cup as a mold.

Above Right: Wild Berry Popsicle: (A blend of yoghurt with berries, some honey for thickness and natural sweetness, and a touch of lime juice)

Strawberries and Chocolate
Photo via tumblr

No one can say no to these! Just melt some bittersweet/semi-sweet chocolate on a couple of wash and cleaned strawberries and enjoy!

"cutting out sugar completely isn't necessary or even possible," says Suzanne Farrell, R.D., of Denver. What is: indulging wisely, by curbing cravings and eliminating hidden sources. On these pages, we make eating a lot less sugar a cakewalk.

Oh and one scoop of your favorite ice cream can often be a 100 calorie treat once a week!

Hope this was helpful!

Until next time...
À Bientôt!

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