Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thought of the Day (1)

Quote of the day

Thought: Summer's Here! Which means:

'Very Nice' weather (+ beach [i.e. the woody and blue nature of the picture])

Colorful and fun sunglasses to wear out
(these are DVF's cateye glasses)

 Summer means pastel colored nail polish [ :) ]

Neutral/Pastel Shades of Pink
Turquoise (very in this season - the one in Essie's Braziliant Collection is the perfect hue)

I go weak in the knees for the beach and anything beach related, like this sign (and colors)

Beach inspired interior: Like I said, anything beach related, although this 
does not top my list, it def is pleasing to the eye, and very summer like

By now you probably realize, I love DVF, but the Harper bag does top my list!
(+ summer = bright colored accessories) 

What are your summer favorites?

Until tomorrow....
À Bietnôt!

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