Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!! {+ Free Printables}

Father's Day is around the corner (i.e. tomorrow!!)
Now while I think everyday is a good day to be thankful and grateful and caring towards your pops, June 19th can be the next extra special day for you to show him your love and appreciation (after his birthday of course). And hey, it's an excuse to decorate, bake, and shop!!

{lost source}
Take some time this sunday to bond and go cycling with your dad, enjoy the good weather/scenery and get your body moving before/after those father day's cookies and dessert you have prepared! ;)

FREE Printables for you father's day celebration! 
Check out these cute tie themed decorations {via Shindig Parties} - via Amy Atlas Events that are pre made, easy to use, and can instantly 'jazz up' and add that finishing touch to even the simplest and most intimate celebration.

Grab your free downloads here
Thanks to Shindig Parties for this amazing idea!

Also let's take this time to remember those that don't have their father's with them.

Below are some charities that help support those that don't have families of their own.

Additionally, if you or someone you know doesn't have a father present with them, take this day to remember them, thank them for what they've done and/or hope and pray that they are safe and in a good state wherever they are. If they haven't been the best relationship you've had in your lifetime, hope that he, no matter what your memories of him are (if at all), that he is better than what he was to you and that you can have a family one day in which you are a good father, have a spouse that is a good father to your children. Also, don't forget that you can help those that also don't have father figures (even mothers) in their lives.

Some of many Orphanage foundations you can help TODAY!

Even give this as a gift to your dad to be one to another child out there that needs the financial support to live their own lives.

 Thank you for reading and following today!
Wishing you all a great (father's) day!

Till Next Time...
À Bientôt!

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