Monday, January 9, 2012

It's A New Year!

It's already a week into the new year, and I had yet to come up with my list of resolutions. I think part of it was because I believe that change can happen at any time of the year but New Years is a great time to reiterate those points and if you haven't thought about them yet, now's the time to really put them into action! So I thought and reflected and came up with a couple interesting resolutions/goals for my self:

I love accessories and always tell my self to enjoy
them on a daily basis but fail due to laziness. This time, it's for real!

...with food that is! We have seen healthier days!

I get a fare share of DIY type stuff with my accessories business, 
but I would like to try new stuff, d├ęcor, other jewelry, fun art pieces, etc.

I love food and cooking. I bake a lot, but fail to find time to cook
a good meal. I want to try to cook once every two weeks at the least!

more than normal that is! I would like to comment on
blogposts, and to people in person more often. I always have
great thoughts about a post, or about what a person is wearing
or doing, but fail to actually make the effort to let them know
the positiveness (<-- if that's a word) of what they're doing, 
so I would like to do that, because there's no harm in a nice
gesture like that, and everyone loves/deserves a compliment!

I really need to do this! I'm so far away
from the daily amount of 8 glasses!
Water has so many healing properties and essential 
nutrients/minerals for your body, and it makes your 
skin look real smooth and clean!

I'll leave you with this cute video from Kandee Johnson on Youtube! Happy 2012! See you tomorrow.

What are yours? It's always interesting to read other people's resolutions. Sometimes they remind you of ones you need to add to your list, but hadn't thought of beforehand. Leave your resolutions in the comments? I would love to know!

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