Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NYC: Pommes Frites

As some of you might have figured, this place has to do with fries! (yumm!)

However, these aren't just any fries, they are THE fries to have. Located in Manhattan's East Village (can also be called NoHo) this place is great for a meal, snack, or just because.

The place serves authentic, indulgent worthy, Belgian fries. And apparently the secret to these goodies are, that they're fried twice. Using fresh potatoes these frites are fried once to be cooked thoroughly and twice for the golden crispy crust!

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Did You Know: In many places in Europe (if not all), fries eaten with ketchup can be considered as an insult to the chef, as if the fries weren't good enough. Europeans have indulged in fries, or frites, for many years in all kinds of sauces and dips.

Where you enter, and where you place your order - Of course they have different sizes and a whole menu to choose from (note: The sign outside that reads home made sauces)

And Pommes Frites brings you just that. With an endless list of sauces and dips, for the likes of all, from normal to fancy-shmancy, there's something for everyone, and so many you'll want to try, you'll just have to come back for more. (and they do serve ketchup as well, keeping the American customer in mind!)

One of the things I loved about the tables - the holes made especially for you to keep your fries! Unique, thoughtful and convenient.

The customer service is very friendly and almost family like.  The price is very affordable with prices starting at just $4.50 and each sauce at only $1 each. And personally, the taste and value of the whole experience definitely overweighs the price! {I'm very picky about dirty restaurants}

The sauces are also convinently listed in a chart with all sorts of categories; spicy, nuts, vegan, etc, etc. To make it much easier for those with dietary limits and/or allergies!

The Pommes Frites policy is that all customers can and are welcome to sample their fries and sauces before finalizing their order. How nice!

The place is warm, cozy and casual. With wooden interiors, and the back wall lined up with bags of fresh potatoes (held back by wooden planks - see image below) the authentic feel of the place echoes the authenticity of the food and taste.

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123 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003

Tel: 212 - 675 - 1234

Sunday - Thursday: 11:30am to 1:00am
Friday - Saturday 11:30 - 3:30 am

Website: PommesFrites.ws

I highly recommend a visit at the least

Enjoy! And feel free to send over your experience at the place to laceandvanilla@gmail.com!

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