Monday, February 20, 2012

Gadget Girl

I'm excited to introduce this new series called Gadget Girl
that will feature fun new gadgets that every LVP girl needs!
They're fun, practical, & genius! Have fun looking through!


- Separate your cords that are always getting jumbled up with this cute and practical accessory.

- Rechargeable batteries are the way to go. Recharge at a USB port. No more carrying around a million batteries or huge rechargers with 3 different wires. A great green solution too!

- No more looking in the drawer for the right spoon and no more switching between 100 spoons while cooking, with this click 'n go spoon set!

- Check out this cute fun new lunch box. Your kid would be the coolest one on the table. I would so own this as an adult as well, I just wouldn't take it out in public (work/school). But that's a personal choice!

- Fun new stamps you have to have!

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