Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sleeping Beauty: 1

Many of us suffer from a lack of sleep. Some of us just find that we don't
have enough hours in a day to fit in a good amount of sleep. While some of
us just find it hard to go to sleep sometimes if not always.

LVP will be going through the importance of sleep, and tips on how to try
& get more sleep as well make it easier to fall asleep, over a of series posts
under the feature name "Sleeping Beauty"

1. Importance: Recover from your day!
One of the main reasons of sleep and the importance tied to it
is that during those hours of Zzz's, the body repairs, goes under
maintenance, etc. Why? Your body redirects it's energy and uses
it towards your metabolism, nutrition towards skin, regenerating
new cells, etc. So let's concentrate on the skin today...

When your sleeping your body has the chance to rebuild and repair.
It moisturizes your skin (hence you perspire often in your sleep), and
your body has the chance to regenerate new skin cells - faster than at 
any other point during the dayand increased production of collagen
which is like your natural Botox, keeping your skin tight and firm.
This means better looking skin & healthier skin. When you're resting, 
blood circulation is also more efficient which means radiant skin.

Make sure you try and get those zzz's!
Stay tuned for the other parts coming over the next few weeks!


Image from Breakfast at Tiffany's movie - via Google Images

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