Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Dress for Winter in Style

It's winter everywhere on the northern hemisphere of this planet, and 
with temperatures changing every where, some places are getting colder
than ever before (and some not). 

Being in New york recently, I know what the cold is like, and I know that
day after day it can get tedious to dress up and feel glamorous everyday!
Well here's some inspiration from celebrities and other fashion sources to
keep you warm, comfy, and stylish as ever!

A lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing fur coats and vests. Rightly so,
It keeps you warm, and effortlessly stylish! & Of course you would opt for the 
faux fur option!

Olivia Palermo, is often spotted fighting New York's cold in fur vests

The trench coat is a classic and always works. 
SJP does it best, after all she does rule the streets
of NYC. Whether it's on screen or real life!

Mixing it up a bit and buying one in a color of your choice
(or the season's favorite) can make it interesting and not so

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does it right with a plum colored
coat (with a beautiful rust lining that peeks through). Make 
sure you keep the rest of your outfit neutral though. Preferably
 black, since the biggest piece is already bright/colored. You can 
count on the accessories, though, to spice it up, like Rosie's
studded boots! She really makes it seem easy to look great, 
even in SoHo's freezing temperatures! (and it can be)

But you don't have to go all color crazy if you don't want to. If it's too 
daring for your style, and you feel like being more neutral and subtle. 
Blake Lively show's us how to dress up a classic looking, tan colored 
trench coat. First the leather adds edge and great texture, and then the
bright pants, printed scarf, & grey pumps really add to the outfit without
being too off palette.

And if you own a black one, and are very happy with that, that's perfect!
Because black goes with everything, and looks great every single time!
But if you want to add to your outfit and change it up - then use your 
handbag as your main accessory. It's not hard to change up different bags,
because all you have to do is just transfer your things from one purse to the
next, and you instantly make a significant change to your whole outfit. 
Other accessories like scarves and boots can really do the trick too.

Of course trench coats aren't all there is. Comfy, thick, chunky knits
can really keep you comfy and warm on a not so cold day. SJP does
it right in an all neutral palette here.

Scarves are a major accessory. Kate Beckinsale shows us how to look stylish
in a monochromatic outfit here

A leather jacket is another great way to keep warm and stylish! Again,
pairing with the right scarf can really seal the deal!

Jessica Alba makes what could be a shabby outfit, perfect by pairing some
oversized pieces with skinny jeans, boots, and the right purse

Printed scarves go a long way, and are an essential in
the cold. Why not make it look pretty!

Photos via,, pinterest, here, and here, stockholm 
street style and some other celebrity style sites via google images

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