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LVP brings you the first Mini Travel Pocket Guide, to Venice

A bit about LVP "Mini Travel Pocket Guides" : They're mini because they are limited to the places listed by LVP only, sometimes they include researched information. However they offer honest opinions and experiences with great pictures ideas. They're usually to the point and sometimes include brief explanations! Hope you enjoy all of them!

Past Travel features have been surrounded around NYC; - (There is so much more NYC experiences lined up!) - Baked By Melissa, Waffles & Dinges Truck, Gelataria Classica, & Levain Bakery

Venice, Italy

Travelled by Car.
When you travel by car to venice, as you would imagine, you have to park at a certain spot before entering 'main' Venice (as it is the city of water).
Airport Shuttle Busses usually drop off passengers here as well. From this point there are no more cars! Nice change right?! Some times you spot a mini italian car here or there that belongs to a local [the one we spotted was on top of a water taxi].

Gondola rides, as amazing as they are, are used by tourists and not locals, but are 
nonetheless something not to be missed

You will travel around Venice in water taxis, and water busses. Just as their names state, the water taxi can seat up to around 5 people and their luggage (if needed) and the water bus is larger, accommodating many more people and stopping at various points.

Duration of Stay: 2 Nights/3 Days
Recommended: 3 - 7 Days

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them

Beautiful Venice!

San Marco's Basilica

Places Visited: 
  •  San Marco's Basilica / Basilica San Marco
  • Piazza San Marco (The main square, also where you can feed pigeons) & Bacino di San - Marco & Campo San Marco - This square is also great by night time where you can enjoy classical live music around that entertain the diners of the many cafés around, and the enjoy the view of Church lit up by night.
  • Ponte di Rialto (Bridge and Landmark of Venice)
  • Murano Island - to view Glass Making and exclusive pieces - (Hotels will usually offer you a good deal to this place arranged by a water taxi of some sort to the Island and Back)
  • Just walked around (+crossed bridges) and enjoyed the beauty of the city, sat down in restaurants that had a good menu, window shopped all the glass art and amazing mask shops, walked inside leathered good shops/chocolatiers, enjoyed Gelato (which can be found about every 4 blocks)

Murano Island - Glass Making

Valued Purchases:
An Authentic Venetian Mask
A Gondola Ride
A Glass Vase
& of course, Real Italian Gelato!

Not Visited, but Suggested Visits:
Dodge's Palace

Colorful masks are sold on stalls all over the city! Authentic and good 
quality ones can only be found inside proper stores though.

Useful Phrases:

Hello: Ciao / Bonjourno                Goodbye: Ciao / Arrivederci
Please: Per Favore                        Thank you: Grazie
You're welcome: Prego                How are you?: Come stai?
Yes: Si                                             No: No
Of course: Certamente                 Excuse me: Scusa
Open: Aperto                                 Closed: Chiuso
What is your name?: Come ti chiami?
My name is...: Mi chiamo...
How much?: Quanto costa?       The bill please?: Il conto per favore.

Great Architecture, colorful buildings, and cute cafés are around you wherever you go

An adapted extract about the weather from

Venice's coldest months: Jan & Feb
Spring and best months to visit: March & June
Unbearably Warm(yet the busiest) months: July & August (LVP was there mid July and it was bearable, and the temperature didn't seem to stop tourists pouring into the famed city)
September to December: The temperature starts to cool again, making it pleasant


  1. Our granddaughter is actually in Venice this week. She's in Strasbourg, France for four months as part of her college curriculum and this week she's visiting Venice. Love your blog--it covers just about everything a visitor would ever want to know.
    Thanks and I'll be back for more visits!

  2. Thank you Sandra, your gr. daughter will definitely enjoy Venice!
    Thanks for your kind words, and we look forward to having you back here!


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