Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashions Night Out - FNO

It's that time of the year again!

It that time of the year:
  • When the cooler weather starts approaching the days
  • When our wardrobe turns to the deep jewel toned colors and warm coats and fashionable scarves and boots
  • When drinking hot chocolate makes you feel warm cozy in cold weather and puts a smile on your face
  • When we get back to following our favorite TV shows
  • When the holidays start rolling around the corner, and fun stationary shopping trips happen
  • When the leaves turn beautiful golden browns and reds
  • When we get start getting ready to go watch NYFW among many other fashion weeks, and FNO happens!!

photo via

Photo via

Ok, well maybe least not here in Dubai! *sad face*. All the nature and fashion week stuff mentioned...yeah none of that happens here in dubai unfortunately. The cooler weather doesn't roll around until November. Right now we are just stuck with sticky humid weather. EW! We do like to change our wardrobe essentials nonetheless and hot chocolates are still enjoyed and although we don't get the joy of FNO or NYFW, we can definitely follow the shows online!

Anyways enough talking...

here are some FNO NYC essentials (FNO nyc is tomorrow night)

Firstly, this great night is about putting the fun back in shopping, so there are great deals and events all around the city. And if you are not in New York you can check out there online deals at the 

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photo: via

check out their awesome gear!

LVP LOVES these two bags

Photos via FNO website

These T-shirts are awesome - we love the grey one that notes the nyc skyline!

$30 - $45

and check out this cute FNO pouch by Kate Spade

Love it!

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