Saturday, September 10, 2011

Exercise at Work

Ever feel energized instead of tired at the end of a good work out?

According to researchers in Sweden (via that carried out a study which is being published in the journal of occupation and environmental medicine, devoting work time to physical activity leads to higher productivity!

Let your boss know that you need some time for an exercise break during the increases productivity! Sounds crazy in today's world where even lunch is hard to fit in while your busy working away at your desk

While most bosses would think that time spent not working is useless and wasting time, this study shows you that time spend exercising:
- increases productivity, therefore you spend less time doing more work
- helps the individual be healthier in the long run as well - including less sick days!
- since exercise releases keeps you happy

Interesting right?
Those of you who work, how do you to fit in a workout during the day?

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