Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baked by Melissa

Another great thing I came across while in NYC last summer was 'Baked by Melissa'. Man was I happy I found that place. It was cute, simple, unique and served the cutest and most delicious mini cupcakes. Branding it self uniquely from the now over done and over hyped 'cupcake', Baked by Melissa has creatively stood strong on serving only mini cupcakes.

Their signature cupcake is the vanilla flavored cake with vanilla frosting, however with it's signature multicolored look (which is also represented on the logo).

The store just by Union Sq (14st)

Inside the store: the display of deliciousness

Can buy them in a set of three for on to the go!
This is the multicolored, vanilla flavored miniature cupcake

The greatest thing about them, apart from their cuteness, is the fact that many of them are filled and have toppings, it's like a trial bite of 3 or 5 delicious elements together. For example you can have a vanilla cake base with some fudge and then the crunchy graham cracker! 

The way you mouth gradually moves from on layer to the next while chewing into it enables you to savor the multiple textures and flavors while it only being a mini cupcake, meaning you don't need to worry about your calorie intake nor about it filling you up!

{Photo via bakedbymelissa.com}

Check it out anytime you are in NYC!
Baked by Melissa's other branches are:

{Photo via bakedbymelissa.com}

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