Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Great Waffle Truck Chase!

This summer, while in New York City for an event planning and magazine design course, I discovered, among many other things which I will post about later, Waffles and Dinges, or more commonly known as THE Waffle Truck! (serving Belgian style waffles!).

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I started following them on twitter and found out that they came by Gantry Park every Tuesday, which was perfect because the place I was temporarily staying at, was right nearby. Their interaction with customers is great, they respond to every tweet and love when you twitpic photos of your 'waffle truck experience'. 

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For a whole week I missed them, because on Tuesday I was too busy with school and the other days, I tried chasing them down at different locations but the timings and transport, etc. wouldn't work out. Finally, 9 days later, on a Wednesday afternoon I went from Queens all the way down to Hanover Sq. near Wall St. to get my hands on one of those waffles that I saw customers got so excited over and couldn't stop tweeting about! [Every subway stop and step walked was well worth it!]

Here's a picture of what I ordered, and man did I come on time, because after me there was a whole queue of men and women (both dressed casually and the suited up ones) waiting in line to get their waffles before the Waffle Truck set off to their next hot spot!

It was delicioussss! (this is the Brussels Waffle with strawberries, whipped cream, topped off with powdered sugar and a chocolate drizzle)

The people at this cart aren't like you're usual NY carts. They're extra friendly and fun, you totally get that home-like, european café feeling!

Also check out (click on) this video that was done on them by  [ videolink ]

Here's a list of their spots and locations during the week (off their website):

TRUCK SCHEDULE week of January 17
  • Monday:
    • 8am - 4:30pm: Columbia University on Broadway at 113th
    • 5:30pm - 10pm: Broadway at 62nd Street (at the Lincoln Plaza movie theatre)
  • Tuesday:
    • 8am - 4pm: 52th St, between 3rd Ave & Lex.
    • 6pm - 10pm: 6th Ave & 21st Street (at the new Trader Joe's)
  • Wednesday:
    • 8am - 4pm: Hanover Square (btw Water & Pearl)
    • 5pm - 10pm: 14th Street btw 3rd & 4th Aves (at Trader Joe's)
  • Thursday:
    • 8am - 5pm: 46th Street betw 5th & 6th, closer to SW corner with 6th Ave
    • 6pm - 1am: Astor Place - 8th Street betw 3rd Ave & 4th Ave
  • Friday:
    • 10am - 4:30pm :52nd Street between 6th and 7th Aves
    • 6pm- 1am: 7th Ave & Christopher Street in Manhattan
  • Saturday
    • 9am - 4:30pm: Park Slope -7th Ave & Carroll St in Brooklyn 
    • 6pm-1 am: 7th Ave & Christopher Street in Manhattan
  • Sunday
    • 9am - 10pm: 86th Street between 2nd & 3rd Aves

If you're in NYC, check them out and inevitably you'll be running back for more!

Till next time..
À Bientôt!


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