Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smart Recycling

I'm sure many of you out there love your Starbucks! I'm not an addict but I do love my frapps! This applies to any of the stores out there, whichever cafe you go to!

You'll be surprised at how much water and energy goes into just one of the paper and plastic cups you get your hot drink in! Watch the video below and find out! (It's a good it)

Latte Video

Love your brand name glasses or the aesthetics of the paper/plastic cup? Well you can get your own that you can REUSE!
If you haven't spotted them already, these chic looking, what is called a tumbler, are out and look just like the plastic ones. Use them for your own drinks or give them to the counter of your local coffee shop to fill up instead a disposable plastic cup!

Want a plain one? Check out this one from the Vitamin Shoppe:

Change the way you think ;)

Let me know your thoughts, and if you already own one, how's it working out?

Till next time..
À Bientôt!

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