Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stress, To Do Lists, & Deadlines

This week (not to mention this month) I have several major deadlines & endless to do lists

This picture is calming and expresses that I can't wait to be done with my checklists
so I can relax! I wish I was on that bed with the white drapes, grass, sun, and candle
around me. Don't we all when we have busy days/weeks?

TIP: One thing that always calms the nerves is to-do lists. I feel like I'm transferring the
jungle of thoughts in my head, systematically onto paper. Once I have every task
down on a piece of paper, and I prioritize them, and have everything in order/in files,
stress leaves me, and it's all on that to-do list. It's like the list is my P.A.!

I think that amidst being stressed and trying to get tasks done, it's always important
to never forget to drink enough water, eat right - don't rush and grab junk food - and 
take breaks - don't burn out!

What are your ways of relaxing?
How do you deal with several deadlines and tasks?
Leave your comments below!

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