Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I posted this on my Facebook page too,
but this week, I have a super-major deadline, and a schedule that
is making it hard for me to sleep. Ever have those weeks?

I wish my 'completing tasks' look was as collected as this beautiful
illustration by Inslee

So, I will be constantly updating my Facebook page as normal,
('like' it if you haven't already -->)
but my blog posting will be extremely light. Next week will be loaded
with amazing posts however. I will have the taste of Dubai recap and  a
review of all the food I tasted there, including a picture of Aarti Sequira's 
autograph to all you lovely readers.

However I'm more like this picture here, trying to hold everything in place
making sure I meet every mini deadline! {via pinterest}

Not to mention an exclusive after event post on a new boutique that's opening in
Dubai over the weekend (It's called 'West LA') which makes me very excited already!

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