Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Romancing The Stars - Behind the Scenes with Carousel

This past sunday I had one of the most amazing experience yet. I interned with the renowned wedding planners Leena and Zainab. The fantastic duo behind Carousel pulled off one of the most beautiful outdoor weddings amidst Sunday's horrible cyclone-like weather here in Dubai. 

John & Fatina, the bride and groom, wanted the color blue incorporated into their big day. With 
Zainab & Leena's talent, the theme 'romancing the stars' was born. And from then on the progression was only more twinkling and elegant as each element was added to the inspiration board. 

Here I am with Leena - 50% of the fantastic duo that makes up Carousel.
Clearly she holds up well to several hours on her feet while I look horrible
after just a couple hours

Here are some pictures from the set up - read the captions for details!:
[Stay tuned with Carousel's facebook page for the official pictures of the event]

These chandeliers just sparkled like crazy in the sun light..loved it!

Getting the customized linens on the tables, the color coded chairs in place - you can see the weather wasn't very helpful. i.e. the table cover's flying with the wind!

The chandeliers' hung, the head table out, and as the sun goes down the beautiful hydrangea centerpieces get set up! 
Simple and sweet, the wedding cake done by the hotel, against the beautiful backdrop of the Burj!

I was in love with those chandeliers!

Almost there... The menus (vintage like frames held the menu) and candles set on the table

The menus, and glitter numbers for the tables [these coordinated with the bride and groom chairs!]

Yay, pretty much done, the head table out...If you know anything about my design side, you know that a scene like this, lights a spark inside me and makes my day...the colors, layerings, all of it! :D

The glitter Bride & Groom signs that highlighted their seats and corresponded with the table numbers! :) That's one of the best parts - when all the little details come together and make such a significant difference in the presentation!

close up of the menus, flowers, and candles at the head table - check out that beautiful lace runner!

Wider view of the space - an the candles that lined the sides of the stairs
I was involved with the reception/cake cutting/after party, which was all held at Magnolia a small restaurant that privately sits on the edge of the canal {you get to travel there by abrahs! (little boats)}, Al Qasr Hotel, while the blessing ceremonies, and all events prior to the reception were held at Al Qasr it self

My BB isn't very good with night time pictures - but here's the cake under the lights

The guests enjoying the beautiful set up and delicious food

The seating charts were displayed on a beautiful vintage-like standing mirror and  the guest book sat
on top an elegant, also vintage inspired, dresser! 

The couple's first dance...

The cake cutting!

The romantic look of the head table as the candles are lit after sunset!

A wider view of the whole set up by night...

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  1. We really enjoyed having you with us! You were a super star xxx


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