Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh Sugar!

Health Tip:

Sugar...It's one of those things that we all have a love/hate relationship.
Actually, wait, no, its not a hate relationship at all! We absolutely love
it, we simply just try to stay away from it at times!

LVP is all about a balanced life, and that definitely includes having
a balanced diet. So the way we see it. There's no cutting out sugar in
one's life (especially not in mine!)

However, if you are trying to drop a couple or so pounds, or looking
to turn to a healthier lifestyle... first of all - Yay! I'm so proud of and
happy for you, and second and most importantly, I should warn you

The average American woman puts on 70% of her current weight's
worth, by sugar alone. Although this statistic is not culturally diverse, it
definitely is enough to open our eyes and make us realize that these days,
sugar (being readily available and cheap) is pumped into everything and
makes other food items more appealing.

Main point: Beware of what you buy. Again the obvious things: 
- Stay away from processed foods (I can't ever stress this enough!!) - of
course the occasional indulgence is okay
- Check the ingredients' label before purchasing
- Foods such as Honey & Juices often have hidden high contents of sugar
- Stay away from soda/fizzy drinks!! I'm serious!
[especially Mountain Dew - has the highest content of sugar]
- Look out for alternate names of sugar, such as high fructose corn syrup

Especially us women, by consuming just 20% more sugar, our BMI can go
up by 2 - 3 points, which can easily take you from normal to overweight,
overweight to obese. (statistic via

Just be smart about what you buy/consume, and It's all about balance!

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