Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Must - Haves: Home Style & Décor

One of my favorite things! Trays are so versatile. Not to mention, they are decorative and very good for organizing stylishly. You get all kinds of trays, it's hard to choose only a few. My personal favorite ways to use them are to hold all your perfumes (and sometimes jewelry and other things) like Emily of  cupcakes & cashmere does, as well as have on the coffee table in the living room to hold books, decorative pieces, and/or vases or flowers. From vintage finds, to graphic prints (love chevron) and lucite pieces, there's a tray for everyone's taste and décor style.

I think that every living room has to have a chandelier. Wether modern or classic-glam, they tie the whole room together and add that finishing touch. Even if you have contemporary style décor, a chandelier is a classic, and is the perfect way to keep the classic living room piece tradition alive! You can go classy and modern or reach out to classic tear drop crystal styles, or even find one that combines both like the sea green chandelier which gives a classic shape a pop of modern-day color.

Branch like elements and/or faux antler elements are essential in every house regardless of the type of décor. Just one piece. Whether it's an antler chandelier (which by the way, is gaining popularity right now) or a simple lamp stand (bottom right) that just hints to the idea, the woodsy element will either add that last missing piece to your room or add a perfect but subtle and needed contrast to your décor. We like that candle holder which is a perfectly subtle piece that allow you to 'mix-it-up' in the room's décor. Antler and branch hooks and stands are also great for just simply as decoration pieces, or for hanging your jewelry on.

Mirrors not only make a room seem bigger and more spacious, but also act as a decorative element. Almost like chandeliers, they are a classic, and not something that is usually debated. Inevitably in every home, there is at least one mirror. They're also great fun to shop for, because they can add subtle hints or changes in your room's over al look. For example, the first picture via ELLE Décor, adds a vintage elements to an otherwise contemporary bathroom. The second picture shows us how a simple wood framed mirror can add so much 'flavor' to this room - which is otherwise very minimalistic and simple - by having a 'dirtied' glass. The spots add texture and make the usually plain mirror a little more interesting. Mirrors can the the stand out piece in your room or they can just serve their purpose while being simple and just another element, like in the third picture where the mirror is simple in it's embellishments, and is tucked right under the stairs, although, even in this case - since it has been placed with thought - it can be considered decorative. 

No house can be complete without at least one piece of artwork. Your room can be monochromatic, or completely multi-colored, but it can't be complete without a painting, sculpture, or any other piece of art. Artwork gives culture, texture, and interest to your room. Paintings are a great way to fill wall space and add interest to your overall look. However, artwork is not limited to paintings. Simple vases in bright colors or shiny metals, or even a 'paint can' that can be either decorative or decorative-and-still-usable (e.g. as a spoon holder in the kitchen) and still add that touch of 'art' in your room. The cherry pink painting is by James Nares. I could almost say that James Nares paintings are their own category in a must-haves list! Obsessed and in-love with his wishy-washy yet balanced paintings, I hope to own one in my own home one day! Honestly, I think that his paintings can add that finishing touch to any room. I have seen them in all white monochromatic rooms, behind a small corner desk and chair, just at the entrance of a house, behind the dining table, building entrances, and each and every time, they were perfect and made the whole room look just amazing. Sculptures, such as the one seen on the bottom left - an extract from the book 'Artistic Interiors' shows an energetic piece of art in a New York apartment that is more bold and that can add a lot of 'life' to a room. layering photos and having them sit on a table or over the fireplace like in the top photo, is another great way of 'creating' a creative space from simple frames or photos. Overall any piece of art, whether 2D or 3D, is essential in a home and will liven up the room without swaying away from your style.

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