Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Favorite Granola Bars

So sometime earlier this month, I shared the 7 Rules to Snacking with you guys.
I started taking the rules about eating within every 5 hours quite seriously (of course!) 
and I went shopping for healthy snacks. I currently favor these 5 Granola Bars. Some remain all time favorites, and some are rotating.

From top to bottom:

Nature Valley: Canadian Maple Syrup
What's good: All Nature Valley Bars are full of granola, oats, & and all healthy stuff
What I love: It reminds me (and even tastes a little bit)
like pancakes with 'canadian maple syrup' YUM
+ [It gives you your sugar dosage within the right amount and in a better way!]

Waitrose Ginger Chocolate Oat Bar
What's good: Full of oats
What I love: The chocolate & the fusion of the chocolate and ginger. It's different and
unexpectedHowever, this one is definitely rotating because It's almost an 'acquired' taste. 
It can be strong and although good, not something I reach into the pantry for more 
than twice a week - I love the packaging though!
this might not be available all over the world because it's imported from the UK store 'Waitrose'

Almendro Cereal Bar
What's good: Oats and Granola with Dark Chocolate
What's I love: The chocolate pieces! I love that it incorporates generous amounts 
of dark chocolate pieces and still remains at 89 calories! Dark chocolate is a 
personal favorite, but also very healthy. Not a fan of dark choc.? 
The bar as a whole neutralizes the flavor but the Spanish brand also 
carries other versions

Nature Valley: Oats and Chocolate
What's good: Oats and Oats and Granola
What I love: Chocolate pieces incorporated - All NV packets contain two bars
 (total of 190 calories) so it feels you up and keeps you satisfied

WeightWatchers: Blackberry & Vanilla
What's good: It's by WeightWatchers so you already know that it is low
calorie and low fat, plus it's an oven baked wholesome exterior with 
blueberry filling -  i.e full of antioxidants and healthiness
What I love: The vanilla flavor and the mixture of the vanilla & blackberry

Personally, I have never like jam because of it's jelly-like texture and I am not the 
biggest fan of bars like Nutri-Grain cereal bars (even though they taste great) 
because of their jam-like fillings. So surprisingly I really like this bar. 
It was because of the vanilla flavor incorporated and the texture and taste 
of the cereal bar exterior. This one will be a rotation one on my list only 
because of the texture.

All bars are under 200 calories [as per one of the rules]

Most cereal bars are oven baked!

I often lean towards granola bars that have chocolate in them because I am a chocoholic and having it this way keeps me satisfied with my 'dosage' of chocolate - in the right amounts - and adds great tastes to the oats and granola which are both super good for you!

The best thing about being serious with your snacking habits and following those 7 rules is that you are keeping your metabolic rate on the go at all times, you are getting all healthy ingredients and fibres into your body, and you feel less hungry during your main meal times so you automatically are encouraged to have portion control at these meals. 
Honestly, all of the above works in your benefit, and I actually like it especially because every 3 - 4 hours I get excited and look forward to having a snack and eating something (especially since most of the time they include chocolate elements!)

What are you favorite granola bars?
 Share in the comments below

All images are by and belong to LVP.


  1. I love Nature Valley! & Lara Bars

  2. Me too! Well I think I would! I've heard about them and seen them at Whole Foods, but unfortunately they all contain nuts! I think this one would be tempting to try if I could! :http://www.larabar.com/products/chocolate-coconut-chew


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