Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mixing it up

Dining tables are often considered one of the focal points of the house because it's where the family comes together to have meals, where you sit to have your morning coffee and start your day, depending on your house's layout, where your guests gather to eat when you entertain, and really where all of your 'meal time' is usually spent. 

Making the room or area extra special and fun will make you appreciate the room more, and just enjoy it a whole lot better! One of my favorite ideas for dining rooms/tables are mixing up the chairs. 

I love dining tables that have a mixture of benches & chairs, or different kinds of chairs around the table. It really makes the space more interesting, I think it works really well!

It may sound complicated, but really all you have to do is stay within your theme and/or color palette, and just a simple bench replacing a couple chairs, takes your dining area to a whole new level

Or you could do all, different chairs, and benches. 
Remember that each room is different and you don't want to over do it and make it look like a clutter of leftover chairs!?! Make sure to keep it all within the same scheme

Even a simple change - like changing the two 
' head of the table ' chairs can be very effective

Or just change around the colors of the same kind of chair - whether it's the upholstery or 
the color of the material (e.g. having the same chairs in black, and white wood...)

Don't you love it?
My favorite version of mixing it up is by incorporating a bench into the look.
What's your favorite?

All photos via HouseBeautiful, tumblr, Elle Decor

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