Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Preppin'

There's only a few hours left before Valentine's Day!
The day dedicated to celebrating love and happiness, and 
a day to make an extra gesture. LVP has a list of posts to help
you add a little romantic gesture to your VDay this year. Still 
stuck and need some last minute ideas? Take a look at the posts
linked below and you're sure to be inspired!

Take a look at 'Last Minute Cupid' for fun last minute
ideas that wont leave you with nothing on Valentine's Day

Men can be hard to shop for, but hopefully this 'Gift Guide'
complied by LVP and the help of some men with great
taste will set you in the right direction

Here are some more ideas for last minute inspiration
and some DIY options for VDay: 'Cute & Easy Ideas'

A bunch of red roses?! thank you. I think they
are so clichéd and overdone...and honestly, just a bouquet
of red roses doesn't look that pretty to me. But of course
everyone's entitled to their own opinion. However, I 
think it's a great idea to put together a bouquet of flowers
that say something, or a couple of things. Full of meaning.
And it changes things up a bit, making the bouquet more
unique. Take a look at our guide to 'Flowers' Meaning', a
readers' favourite, to figure out which bloom(s) best fit
your relationship!

And remember, Valentine's Day celebrates 'love'
You can celebrate love even if you're single! So
treat yourself!!

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