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14 of the Best Breakfast Foods

Start your day off right with these healthy foods. Breakfast, as we all know is the most important meal of the day. It starts your metabolism, and sets you right for the day. You may already be familiar with these great picks, but we all need a friendly reminder every once in a while in between life's hectic schedule. Read further to find out why these foods make the list below.

1.      Greek Yogurt
Loaded with calcium and plenty of protein,greek yogurt benefits aren’t new to LVP readers (check this post on thebenefits of greek yogurt). Available in a variety of flavors, enjoy a cup of plain nonfat goodness, or one with added fruits for some sweetness. With them convenientlyavailable in to-go cups at the grocery, it’s easy to have some that will keepyou full throughout your morning

2.      Oatmeal
This breakfast classis containsbeta-glucan, a fiber that’s great for your heart and that helps lowercholesterol. Also high in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium, a bowl ofthis in the morning is sure to set you right for the day. Avoid the falvouredkinds that can be filled with hidden sugars. If you need to sweeten things up,add some honey, fresh fruit, or nuts.

3.      Bananas
Another LVP oldie (See this post), we’vetalked about how bananas are great for healthy beauty, but for breakfast?Bananas are your all-natural energy drink in the morning (or any time of theday) with its high potassium count, an electrolyte. They help keep thosecravings at bay with its resistant starch, a healthy carbohydrate that helps tokeep you fuller, longer. Enjoy one on its own or add it to your cereal/oatmealwhich will add natural sweetness to your breakfast

4.      Wheat germ
Vitamin E is often low in people’s dailydiet. Just two tablespoons, provides just about 15% of your daily recommendedportion of the Vitamin (+ 10% of your daily folate portion). Allergic to nutsor seeds? This is a great alternative to get the vitamins that those two wouldotherwise offer you. A little goes a long way, so sprinkle it into yourcereal/oatmeal, yogurt, or even mix it into your morning smoothie.

5.      Watermelon
Hydrating is extremely important in themorning. After hours of not having any H20, starting your day off with a tallglass of water is so important. Watermelon can also help you rehydrate in theAM. Refreshing, tasty, hydrating, and high in lycopene (a nutrient great forvision, heart health, & cancer prevention), this low calorie fruit is amust during at least some of your mornings during the week

6.      Almond Butter
Almond Butter is a famous alternative topeanut butter, known for its 100 calories per tablespoon feature! Also a greatsource for protein, especially if you don’t eat a lot of eggs or dairy. Filledwith monounsaturated fat (a good fat), almond butter can be spread over bread,or slices of apples/bananas

7.      Blueberries
A breakfast favourite, and for good reason.With multiple benefits, these little low calorie goodies have suggestedimproving memory, motor skills, blood pressure, and your metabolism. They canbe eaten with your cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, in your smoothie. Frozen or fresh,versatile and tangy, blueberries are definitely a breakfast favourite.

8.      Orange Juice
OJ! Good ‘ol OJ, a classic and tastymorning beverage, freshly squeezed orange juice is full of nutritional benefits.High in Vitamin C, and Vitamin D (opt for the variety that is fortified withvitamin D if you’re going the store-bought way). Vitamin D has been linked to alower risk of osteoporosis, depression, and certain cancers. And of course,vitamin C is great for energy, and your immune system.

9.      Coffee
Almost everyone of us needs this pick-me-upin the morning. We’ve constantly heard about it’s bad side, but what about itsbenefits? Drinking coffee has been linked to a lower risk of several diseasessuch as prostate cancer and diabetes. What about living longer? Research suggeststhat the combination of caffeine and antioxidants lead to many observed healthbenefits. And coffee actually contains a lot of antioxidants. But be carefulabout the add ins; sugar, milk, cream. Keep it simple and healthy. And of courseeverything in balance.

10.  Tea
More of a tea kind of person? Tea is noless good for you. Nutritionally less in caffeine, you definitely hydratebetter with tea than coffee and is also high in immune boasting anti-oxidants(catechins). Of course green tea is the healthiest of all, but all teas containtheir share of antioxidants. 

11.  Strawberries
High in antioxidants, and another breakfastfavourite, just one cup of these goodies contain your full recommended dailyintake of vitamin C (+ great quantities of folic acid and fiber). Low incalories, and great for your heart, strawberries can be enjoyed by themselvesor just as easily incorporated into other dishes as blueberries.

12.  Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice helps limit bacterialgrowth and is known for warding off UTI’s. The healing powers continue…thistart beverage promote cardiovascular health, and can even increase theeffectiveness of certain ovarian cancer drugs! But just like with any juice,even OJ, be careful to how much you have in a day. Their acidity and sugarcontent can add up in the negative way – but don’t not have it.
PS. An orange cranberry mix is a personal favourite. Try it out!

13.  Cantaloupe
Did you know that about quarter of onemelon contains just 50 calories and serves you a full 100% of your dailyportion of vitamin C and vitamin A! Both great vitamins, especially for smooth,younger-looking skin. (score!). Again, high in water content, this melon willkeep you hydrated and full longer

14.  Kiwi
While all fruits are good for breakfast,Kiwi, among some others, top the list because this little fruit is high invitamin C, and rich in potassium and copper. Additionally, one serving containsmore fiber per ounce than bananas which means its great for digestion andkeeping feeling full. They can also be enjoyed by themselves with their tart flavour,or mixed with other fruits in a smoothie, or how ‘bout a fruit salad to startyour day?

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