Monday, August 29, 2011

Baubles and Balloons

Let's start with our favorite, the above photo was found via  

This Lapis Lazuli Pendant is via Etsy

This bauble bracelet is via Oliphant

This beautiful bauble is also by Oliphant Jewelry

Balloon Photoshoot via Pinterest

Colorful Bauble Necklace via Pinterest

Bright Balloons via Pinterest

Christmas Baubles/ Baubles for Decor via

Balloon Wishes Photoshoot via Haute Design

Monochromatic Bauble Necklace via

Beautfiful Buble Necklace with Embellishments via Elva Fields

Decorative Baubles via Space for Inspiration

Bohemian Bauble Necklace via Spool 72 

 Balloons via Pinterest

Black '&' Balloons via Pinterest

Vintage/French Balloon Photo via Pinterest

Daylight Balloons via Pinterest

Pretty Pink Balloons via Pinterest

Wedding Balloons via Style Me Pretty

Party Balloons via Sweet Stylings

Gorgeous Wedding Balloons Shoot via

Hope you Enjoyed and were inspired!

Till Next Time....
À Bientôt!

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