Saturday, October 19, 2013

3 Things to Try This Weekend

Try a different bloom

This weekend adorn your coffee table, or favourite vase/container at home with a different set of blooms than the usual. I always tend to lean towards white or light ping roses or hydrangeas, but this weekend, go for a bloom you would not usually, maybe even in a different colour, and try that out!

Try a bold lip colour

Never ventured out to the bright pinks, and deep reds? Well this weekend is the time you do. Try a bright colour. Don't want to make the plunge? Go for a matte version, or the lip butters or lip stains in bolder colours. Just make sure of two things, one: make sure your teeth are nice and white - because if they are not, it will be highlighted, and two: make sure the tone is right for your skin tone (I got an orangey red, whereas I should've gotten a blue toned red for my fair skin tone - the difference was major) So do a quick Google search for the colour you're interested in, or test out the product if you can!

Try a new health class

Try a workout you haven't yet, or have been meaning too, but never got around to. Ususally do yoga? try pilates. Used to the treadmill? try a martial arts cardio class (I did that switch two weeks ago...def worked up muscles I forgot I even had!) It's a great way to use up different muscles in the body and variety to your workout schedule, and the chance to experiment with different workouts!

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