Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY: iPhone Cover Case Makeover

Who doesn't like a little added gold in there life...and especially golden polka dots?! umm..hello!..We love! That's why I thought this was the perfect way to get those summer posts started off! I spotted this super easy DIY on mochatini, and I just had to share. The idea and the pictures, all credit to mochatini, I'm just sharing what I found.

Here's a great little activity for you to give your phone a make over and something to keep you entertained if and when you feel like you're bored at any point this summer.

All you need is an iPhone case (plain, but hey even if it's a graphic cover...the gold dots on top would make for a killer pop-art-y-inspired case!...if that's your thing), and gold mailing labels.
I would say it would be helpful to have an Xacto knife, and a ruler (+ cutting board) to cut off the partial polka dots perfectly straight)

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