Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Sparkle...

This time of year just shouts out sparkle! Christmas lights, holiday ornaments and..somehow..jewels and glitter everywhere.
So here are a few ideas of how to add a little sparkle to your december!

add a little glitter to your manicure
(note: If you're doing a whole nail, I would opt for
the ring finger, rather than the middle finger)

celebrate with sparklers on your cake/dessert

put a smile on someone's face, make it extra
special and use glitter ribbon

get experimental or a little daring with your make up
and try a line of glitter eyeliner over your regular black liner.
just one skinny line, a little goes a long way...

Get the kids involved and create DIY, home-made
christmas ornaments, or seasonal decor with glitter and glue!

...or pair a sequins top with a neutral, plain maxi skirt, or your favorite
pair of pants for a holiday party/outing

How do you get your sparkle on?

source: pinterest

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