Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Do You Like Best About Fall?

What do you love best about fall?

below are some of my favorites!

Hot Chocolate!
Theres something about the decadent warmthness (I just made up that word!) of this drink! In the cold gloomy weather, this is one cup of happiness!

I am really interested to try all the different ones around NYC. I'm going to research what are the greatest spots for authentic and unique hot cocoa in the city and try em out to the best of my ability!

Do you guys have any recommendations? Leave em in the comments! 

Fall Fashion
The warm, thick knits, cozy sweaters and scarves, jewel tones, neutral tones. All of it!
Both men and women's. Love it!

Lighting Candles
Well, not that any other season stops me from doing so, but it's even better as the cold weather starts creeping in, and warmth helps! (Not always the best idea in summer, especially in Dubai's heat!)

Warm Confections
Biting onto a fresh donut, fresh muffin, or any warm baked good just brings a smile to my face - all year round of course - but just the same as the candles, not the best idea in summer - but in fall...oh yes!

TV Show return/begin
This time of year, all your favorite TV shows return and new ones premiere, which is great after a whole two months of waiting to find out what happens next! ;)

The Best of All!
I can't wait to check out Central Park this fall as the leaves' colors start changing!
I bet it's one of the most beautiful thing nature has to offer! Especially considering I've never seen any ever! I am excited!

So tell me what are your favorite things about fall?
Any of them above ? (I'm sure we share some Fall Favorites!)

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